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Crystal Balls and Calculators: Projecting the 2010 Season

Call it what you will; soothsayer, psychic, oracle, clairvoyant, auger, seer. Bust out your tea leaves and crystal balls, because I've got an assignment for you Buc fans. I finally got around to playing Madden last night, and as I was setting up my franchise and playing my first couple of games, I started trying to predict how each individual member of our beloved Buccaneers would do throughout the season. It gave me an idea for a great new contest to offer to our readers. I have composed a list of random stats that interest me from different players on this team, as well as a few random other things from across the NFL. I will try to predict the total for this season. When applicable, I will also list the total from last season. For example:

Object of Prediction                              2009 Total                                 My prediction for 2010

Stylez White sacks                                     6.5                                                        8.5


Just copy and paste the table into the comments section and change my prediction into your prediction. At the end of the season we'll see who has the most right predictions. I'll try to come up with a cool prize, something like letting you buy me a ticket to the home opener next year and attending the game with me (I'll throw in for the beer). Now, considering the fact that this is almost impossible, I obviously don't expect anyone to get a lot of these right. I just thought it would be a fun way to gear up for the season and set some expectations for our own personal expectations for our 2010 squad. Each correct answer will be worth 1 point. Good luck ladies and gents. Let's see how many of you can beat me.

Come throw down the gauntlet after the jump.

Note: All yardage predictions should be made in increments of 25 please. I also would like to apologize for the fact that the numbers are not aligned correctly. They were all tabbed perfectly when I typed this up, but somehow the translation to the front page screwed it all up. I guess I could set up a table, but it's already two in the morning and all this psychic energy is really tiring me out. I did go ahead and block quote every other one in the hopes it would make it easier to follow. I also wanted to give a special thanks to for their great site. All of the numbers quoted from 2009 were pulled from their site.

Object of Prediction:                                                2009 Total:                                     My Prediction:

Total Team Wins                                                              3                                                           6

Total Division Wins                                                          1                                                           2


Josh Freeman Total TD (includes rush)                     10                                                        21

Josh Freeman Total Interceptions:                              18                                                        25

Josh Freeman Total Sacks:                                           20                                                       33

Cadillac Williams Rushing yards:                                823                                                    1050

Cadillac Williams Total TD:                                            7                                                         12

Mike Williams Total Receptions:                                  N/A                                                      63

Mike Williams Receiving Yards:                                    N/A                                                     875

Mike Williams Total TD:                                                   N/A                                                      8

Arrelious Benn Total Receptions:                                  N/A                                                     21

Arrelious Benn Receiving Yards:                                   N/A                                                     275

Arrelious Benn Total TD:                                                 N/A                                                       2

Kellen Winslow Jr. Total Receptions:                           77                                                        82

Kellen Winslow Jr. Receiving Yards:                            884                                                      925

Kellen Winslow Jr. Total TD:                                            5                                                          8

Total Offensive TD Scored:                                              23                                                       30

Total Special Teams TD Scored:                                    2                                                          2


Gerald McCoy Sacks:                                                       N/A                                                        3

Brian Price Sacks:                                                            N/A                                                        3

Stylez G. White Sacks:                                                      6.5                                                        8.5

Kyle Moore Sacks:                                                             0                                                            7

Barrett Ruud Total Tackles:                                            143                                                       121

Geno Hayes Total Tackles:                                             98                                                         101

Quincy Black Total Tackles:                                            75                                                          88

Aqib Talib Interceptions:                                                   5                                                            8

Ronde Barber Interceptions:                                           0                                                            3

Tanard Jackson Interceptions:                                        5                                                           6

Sean Jones Interceptions:                                               2 (With Philadelphia)                        4

Total Team Sacks:                                                            28                                                          33

Total Team Touchdowns Allowed:                                44                                                          36

Random Stuff

Buccaneers Named to Pro Bowl:                                   0                                                             2

Players Named to Pro Bowl:                                           N/A                                     Aqib Talib, Donald Penn


Object of Prediction:                                    My Prediction:


NFC South Division Winner:                       New Orleans

NFC West Division Winner:                        Seattle

NFC East Division Winner:                         Dallas

NFC North Division Winner:                       Green Bay

AFC East Division Winner:                          New England

AFC North Division Winner:                        Baltimore

AFC West Division Winner:                         Denver

AFC South Division Winner:                        Indianapolis

AFC Wild Card Team 1:                                NYJ

AFC Wild Card Team 2:                               Tennessee

NFC Wild Card Team 1:                               Atlanta

NFC Wild Card Team 2:                               Minnesota

AFC Champion:                                              Baltimore

NFC Champion:                                             Green Bay

Super Bowl Champion:                                Green Bay