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Caption Contest

After a long season discussing minutiae we are once again on the cusp of Buc ball. I thought it was high time we got the caption contests up and running again. The rules are pretty much the same as last season with two key differences. One of them has nothing to do with you, and the other opens some new doors for our more creative users. The first key difference is that SBNation has recently made a rule that the only pictures to be used in our stories must come from their archive. I assume this is to avoid future legal troubles and obviously it makes a lot of sense. Thus I will no longer be able to select photos from all corners of the interwebz and the photos will most likely be quite a bit more tame than last season. It's all good though. We'll just have to work a little harder to induce laughter, but I'm sure the extra effor will be well worth it.

The second difference is that I have decided to allow the photo in the contest to be photoshopped this season. If you want to try your hand at this method, please feel free. Other than that, the rules are the same. Enter as many captions/revamped photos as you like. Rec the ones you like. Don't be a hater and not vote the other entries because you want yours to win. The top five most rec'd entries will go on to a 2nd round of voting in a poll format. The winner receives........ the honor of winning. Sorry, no prizes this year boys and girls. Keep it PG13 if possible. We want you to be funny, but not vulgar. If you have a question about whether or not your caption is acceptable please feel free to email me by clicking my name at the bottom of the page. Captions that violate the now looser and less restrictive community guidelines will be hidden without warning. With all that being said, go forth and be merry. Feel free to let your inner demon poke his head out of the cage, just make sure you still have a leash on him. There you have it. Go ahead and drop some knee slappers on us.