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Rumors swirling of potential McCoy deal coming.

I'll chalk this one up to the infamous "various internet chatter".  In my normal daily routine, there are certain sites and sources of information, mostly internet based that I check for sports news and Bucs news.  Two months ago, there was no news because lets face it, it was the dead season for the NFL.   Now with training camp two days away and getting first rounders under contract becoming the top goal, we're starting to hear some chatter as to who is close to signing.

Out of St. Louis, the Rams have said there are ongoing daily talks between the team and Sam Bradford.  That's good news for Bucs fans.  The sooner he gets signed, the more likely that Suh, then McCoy follow it up. 

On Bucs news, I've heard anything from McCoy isn't waiting on Bradford (which I personally think is false) to the Bucs and McCoy have at least been in discussions to don't look for McCoy to sign before Saturday.  Truth is, at this point, we are all waiting for the team and agents to make a move.  I find it likely that Bradford's signing will mean the remainder of the top 5 picks fall in line soon thereafter.

I'll put this question to you Buc 'Em, what are the odds McCoy is in camp day one?

(I should note that we are not trying to rumor monger here, more reporting that there is a wide disparity as to what is being said in relation to McCoy. We are NOT stating that McCoy has signed today or will sign today)