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Bound for multiple holdouts?

We're but a few days away from the beginning of training camp and there is a continuing problem for many teams, including our own Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  That problem is one we've all heard about.  It is currently affecting both the offense and the defense.  The problem I'm referring to?  Holdouts.  They have become somewhat common, particularly for rookies as they attempt to negotiate the minefield and land themselves a guaranteed payday that most of us only dream about.  The veteran holdout seems to be threatened pretty often, but a peaceful solution (read: new contract or extension) is generally reached before it gets out of hand.

Well, for the Bucs, they are staring both the young and old holdouts square in the face. 

Gerald McCoy is still unsigned at this point, and though discussions may be going on, it doesn't appear that they are in any hurry.  With the wait on for Bradford, his agent and the St. Louis Rams, McCoy (and Suh) won;t do a deal until they are slotted with Bradford's deal.  Now, we know these deals tend to get done at the 11th hour before training camp, so I'm pretty hopeful that McCoy is in camp on day 1. 

Penn on the other hand, well it just doesn't seem like either side wants to budge.  Though it's been publicly stated there is no bad blood, the weight comments and other assorted quotes attributed to the team have to have stung Donald Penn a little bit.  And while I'm not in the war room, there haven't been any rumblings of negotiations taking place.  Penn is currently not under contract so declaring him a hold out is probably the wrong wording.  But he is not with the team that still own the rights to him.

My personal guess is that McCoy is in camp no later than Day 2.  Penn on the other hand.  I could see this hitting Week 1 of the pre-season if no one is willing to take that first step.