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Raheem wants you!

3-13. We all know where those numbers come from. So to does Raheem Morris. In fact, Raheem seems to think that the 3-13 season scared off some Bucs fans who won't return or support the team as they try to rebuild. In a conversation with Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune, here's what Raheem had this to say with a brief lead in by Mr. Richardson.

With only one week of training camp open to the public this year, Morris is not concerned about Bucs fans jumping off the bandwagon. Instead, he plans to use last year’s struggles as motivation for his players and to regain fan support.

"The support is not going to come from the average fan. The support is going to come from the Buccaneer lover," Morris said. "The 3-13 will help us thrive. The 3-13 is what’s going to make us. The 3-13 is what we’re going to look at, set examples for, and go out and really punish people for it

Now before we hear the war cry of the age old Buccaneer fans or those who say we are nothing but bandwagon fans, let me throw this out there. No one stopped supporting the Bucs as a team. Maybe they stopped going to the stadium, but I didn't see Bucs fans become Saints fans. While there was and continues to be much disgust over the 3-13 season, it just means that the fans weren't happy with that outcome. And who can blame them? We are all ready to move forward from 2009 and watch the team grow into a successful group. The presence of criticism and objective opinions from fans does not mean that they don't support the team, just that they are free thinkers, capable of viewing both sides of the coin.

So when the time comes, and the Bucs start the 2010 season, I'd think we are all with the Bucs, rooting them on. We may not agree with every decision made, but I highly doubt anyone is rooting against them.