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Saturday Buccaneer Linkage

This time next week, our Buccaneerswill finally be in training camp and meaningful football will be underway.  We can finally put behind the speculation of who will win what job and sit back and watch the positional battles unfold.  In the meantime, we'll continue to wait and see what's out there in the Buccaneer blogosphere.

- Although linked by UNFNole earlier this week,'s NFC South blogger Pat Yaskinskas puts up a pretty good snapshot of NFC South training camps and, to my particular interest, takes a closer look at the Buccaneer wide receiver position.  He opines that at least one of the rookies will win one of the outside receiver positions and sees Stroughter in the slot, but gives him a shot to earn the X or Z position.  I'd think he'd have to win the flanker spot, because at 5'10, 185 pounds, he'd have a hell of a time against the jam from bigger corners.  Also, Yaskinskas puts Ryan Sims on the Buccaneer hot seat.  I'd have to disagree.  Sims has had plenty of chances to make something happen since his lofty draft position with the Chiefs and has failed to make any sort of impact over several years.  Although unpopular around here, I'd say MLB Barrett Ruud is on the hot seat after his fall off over the past season and a quarter.  The Bucs have made their way back to the Tampa 2, which supposedly fits Ruud's skillsets, and have brought two young and explosive one-gap rushers to set in front of him, so now it's time for him to shine again...and fast. 

-Pewter Report has a series of articles($) up on the running back battle, the new-look WR corps, and the return of a hopefully-healthy Kellen Winslow.  It wouldn't break my heart if Winslow and his knee were significantly limited during training camp.  I'm concerned about the shelf-life of that bum knee. 

-Offensive line coach Pete Mangurian says that, unlike last season, his players are coming into training camp with a new purpose and focus:

"We've got our offense in now," line coach Pete Mangurian said. "It's our offense ... it's not this guy's or that guy's. It's our offense, and we've spent a lot of time doing that. Greg and I have spent a whole year together. My job is to make happen what Greg Olson wants to happen."

It's a great read about the accountability that the coaches and players have taken following a disastrous 2009 preseason and equally disastrous season. 

-Individual game tickets go on sale July 30.  If at all possible for you and your finances, go to some games this year.  We're lucky to have a franchise to support.

-Oh, and the Bucs are the 12th-most valuable sports team in the world at around $1.09 billion, according to we've got that going for us, I guess.