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Tangible Expectations Part 1

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Perhaps the only certainty next season is that we will improve. Easier Schedule, solid additions (WR, DT) and experience at key positions (QB, LB) all give us a varying degree of hope. Any guess on how much improvement is purely speculation. However, I'm going to go ahead and lay out some tangible numbers to define how much I believe will be a reasonable improvement. Anything less, could be seen as a disappointment from my end. Again, it's what reasonable to expect. It does not mean I don't think they can do better. Most of this will be laid out in chart format to help you see last years numbers compared to what the standard for this year should be. For those of you who hate advanced statistics you will be happy, I have included only standard measurables (as flawed as most of them are).


2009 2010
Wins 3 6
Divisional Wins 1 3
Point Differential -9.8 -4.25


It was tough for me to put expectations for w/l on paper. 6 may be a little high, but 5 sounded like I was underselling the improvements we have made. With one of the easiest non-divisional schedules in the league though, this is certainly not out of question. I would also hope to split each divisional series, but I won't be picky about where those 3 wins come from.

For Offensive Expectations hit the jump.


2009 2010
Points 244 325
TD's 23 28
Turnovers 34 25


33 31
Sack % 5.9 4.5
Run Plays 404 460
Pass Plays 524 540
Yards Per Play 4.8 5.2
Yards/Game 287.5 330


Maybe the single stat that will help improve all of these stats above is more plays. I fully anticipate the defense to get more stops giving us almost a full drive more a game. 1000 plays would have put us in the top 20 last year. Obviously the more plays you have, the more opportunities there are for touchdowns, yards, etc. If the line can stay healthy I can only forsee the sacks decreasing and therefor creating less turnovers. Again, most of it isn't a drastic improvement, but it is all improvements that will help us get to that 6 win goal.

I wanted to get this up for Tuesday so I cut out the individual and defensive expectations. You will have those to look forward to on Wed.