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Friday Morning Buccaneer Linkage

Welcome to July, Buc fans. Less than 30 days until training camp kicks off.  We can now say meaningful football activities will start this month.  Just a byproduct of such a long, dragging offseason.  Fortunately, the dawn is breaking for us. 

Nonetheless, there are some things going on for the B'ucs.......

-The Tribune has a nice piece on Quincy Black's development and the role he plays on this defense.  Although many people have knocked Black, along with Ruud, as a big reason for the Buccaneers' plight in the run game, Black actually rated in the top-30 of all NFL LBs in stop rate against the run, a rather impressive feat for any LB and especially one on a 3-13 team with an unimpressive defensive line.  Might his sheer size, strength, and ability to get off blocks have something to do with that?

-Stephen Holder held a chat yesterday on all things Buccaneer related.  He breaks down the Penn situation and analyzes the effect that signing Penn might have on the other  3 tendered players without a long-term deal.  His point regarding Penn's extended RFA status compared to the others (and their lesser market value) is valid, but Barrett Ruud's absence of a long-term deal still will be the elephant in the room during the season.  Hopefully it fires him up to have a contract year and earn his dough.

-Anwar Richardson and Roy Cummings discuss the possibility of blackouts for some Buccaneer home games this fall. My take: we're lucky to have a team and we should support them.  Growing up in Tennessee, there wasn't much to do and I'd have loved to have something like attending an NFL football game to do on Sunday.  In short, for those close enough with the financial means to do so, make sure to go to a few games.  Ok, off my soapbox. has a interesting convo with rookie safety  (Mr.) Cody Grimm