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Buccaneer Game-Changing Moves: G Keydrick Vincent


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It might not have garnered much atttention in the local news amidst Lebron-gate, the Cliff Lee rumors, and the Rays' push to the All-Star break, but the Buccaneers' signing of G Keydrick Vincent could turn out to be a very underestimated and valued move down the road.  Following the team's decision to part with Arron Sears, depth on the offensive line became a major issue.  Vincent, at a minimum, will give the Buccaneers an experienced and quality backup and could even push Zuttah in camp for the starting left guard position.  After watching Zuttah's performance last season, it could be a very good thing for him to have someone large and intimidating waiting behind Zuttah looking to take his job.

Vincent started 30 games over the last 2 seasons at guard for the Carolina Panthers, including all 16 games last season.  He's started for four different teams since 2001, including all 16 games for the 2004 Pittsburgh Steeler team that finished with the best regular season record in the NFL.  He also helped pave the way for the two-headed rushing attack in Carolina the last 2 years, including the 2008 team that won the NFC South and clinched a first-round bye.  In short, he has been a cog in some successful offensive lines and can provide some leadership and another veteran presence.

Although it doesn't jive with the team's youth movement, I like this move not just for a depth move, but like Sean Jones coming to Tampa, I think the Buccaneers brought him in to give him a shot at not just pushing Zuttah, but possibly winning the job.  After the disappointing production from the left guard position position last season, it's clear the Buccaneers are trying to change the game, and this is a good move in that direction.