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Offensive approach in 2010?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense heads into 2010 looking for a new direction. Josh Freeman is no longer a rookie, Carnell Williams has proven he can withstand a full season without an injury, and Micheal Clayton is still...well Michael Clayton. The biggest development for the offense should be the return of Greg Olson. Olson replaced Jeff Jagodzinski just before last season's opener against Dallas. The offense struggled with their rythym and the season was a 3-13 disaster. This year, with Olson returning, the Bucs look to have more continuity and more results on offense. Early indications are that Olsen prefers a passing attack, and recent reports have Olson prefering Jon Gruden's dink and dunk approach. While this offense will help Freeman cut down on turnovers, and seemingly make it easier on the second year QB, it is sure to frustrate fans.

I would personally prefer a run oriented attack. We tried the Zone blocking scheme last year, and the results were awful. This year I think Tampa should focus more on the run to help Freeman out in play action. We have two rookie recievers who can make big plays in Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams. Kellen Winslow is one of the best recieving TE's in all of football. Even though we have those weapons in the passing game, I think our success will be predicated on the run. We need to establish the run early and often. Too many times in the Gruden era, and even last year, we went away from the run when it was succesfull. In the 2007 Playoff game against New York we had a great first quearter pounding the rock with Earnest Graham, when inexpliably we went away from the run and started passing. We pay big money to Caddy and derrick Ward, why not use them more. We have two very capable backs, and a great O-Line to establish the ground game.

And of course there is always Cklayton and his great blocking to help us out.

Next year what kind of offense do you prefer, establish the run, or pass your way to victory?