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Introducing SBNation Regional Sites: Come Party With Us on June 23 to Celebrate the SBNation Tampa Bay Regional Site

This thing just keeps getting better.

I am pleased to announce to everyone that SBNation has unveiled a number of regional SBNation sites for local major market team sites (i.e., New York, Boston, DC, etc, etc) today and will be unveiling a large number more over the next few weeks.  The Tampa Bay community will be duly represented by the Tampa Bay regional site, which will go viral on June 23.  As you can predict from the currently-unveiled regional sites of other cities (which format you can check out at, the Tampa Bay regional site will feature consistent, high-quality writing on all teams located in the Tampa Bay area, including the Bucs, Rays, Lightning, and Bulls.  Of course, this is in addition to the regular coverage you will continue to receive from each of our team blogs.  More coverage is better, right?

To celebrate the launch, there will be a launch party on Wednesday, June 23, at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company from 6-8 pm.  If some of you are wondering where that is, here's the company's website.  Whether you're a Buccaneer fan, Ray fan, Lightning fan, Bulls fan, fan of all or some of the above....or, heck, a fan of none of the above but want to hang out for some brewskis and sports gab....the gathering will be a great time for all of us to get together and discuss all things regarding Tampa Bay area sports.  Undoubtedly, with the current resurrection of our Buccaneers, the success of the Rays, the new era of the Lightning under Stevie Y, and the hire of Skip Holtz and improvement of the Bulls' basketball team, there is A FREAKING LOT for us all to talk about!!!

I will be there on the 23rd and hope you will be, too.  See you all then and make sure to hit up the Tampa Bay regional site on the 23rd.