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Thursday Morning Buccaneer Linkage: The Good Vibes Keep Rolling at One Buc Place; Bucs Swap Out Centers

We continue to creep closer to meaningful activities and football, gang.  Minicamp down.  5 weeks to go until training camp. 

-In the meantime, the good vibes continue to pulsate from One Buc Place, and it continues to start from the Buccaneers' head coach:

"I'm truly fired up about the off-season, from OTA days to the off-season workouts to the mandatory minicamp, about the attendance, about the attitude, about the chemistry and about the competition,'' Morris said. "It's been a different off-season for us. There's been a lot of progression rather than taking steps backward.

"I'm fired up about everything from how the draft went to the last day of minicamp with the liveliness of the practice, with the togetherness of the coaches, with the competitive edge of everybody on the football field.''

Stop me if you've heard this one before:

"It's going to be about physical, it's going to be about violence, it's going to be about playing hard, it's going to be about putting your face on people,'' Morris said. "Training camp is a little different. To me, that's when you establish the men. You take off your underwear, you put on your big boy pads and you put your face on people. That's what training camp is about.''

If training camp is going to be physical and about violence, how about making the first 10 games of the regular season about that kind of stuff as well this season?  Just sayin'.

-The Bucs signed C Donovan Raiola and released C Jeff Tow-Arnett, who they signed barely a month ago. 

-Bleacher Report has a pretty informative and amusing article on the Buccaneers, especially if you like pirate talk, mateys.

-In the "further proof that Gerald McCoy is saying and doing the right things" camp, McCoy is reportedly heading back to Oklahoma to work out with the Sooners and conditioning coach Jimmy Smith's "military-based" offseason workout program.  Wish some of our other guys would take that cue.

Since we're in the armpit of the offseason, feel free to add some linkage if you so desire.  Discuss