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Caption Contest

Let me start by saying that I'm sorry for not posting any caption contests lately. I have been slacking and I hope you guys can forgive me. I happened upon this photo of T.J. Houshmandzadeh showing Sabby what's up and knew it had to be put in for a Buc 'Em caption contest. Aside from getting owned in this photo, it just seemed like we should all get our chance to take a shot or two at Sabby because it was recently discovered that he had the dubious distinction of leading the NFL in missed tackles. I almost feel sorry for the guy, but then I just think about how he played in 2009 and want to kick my dog around the house. Since my wife generally frowns on this method of taking out my frustrations, I am left with this.

Because it has been awhile since we had one of these I suppose I should go over the rules for all you newbies. Post as many captions to the photo in the comments section as your underrated and genius sense of humor can come up with. Click Rec on the captions you like (don't be a hater and not vote for any captions because you want yours to win). The top five most Rec'd captions will go on to a 2nd round for voting.

Don't type any bad words. If you can't hear them on network television they don't jive with our community guidelines. If a comment is deemed unacceptable by myself or another staff member it will be removed without warning. Try your best to come up with something funny. If you write "LOL his helmet got turned around" your sense of humor is of the worst variety and you should probably just go watch your old VHS tapes of Yakov Smirnoff rather than participate in this contest. Unfunny captions will not be deleted, but they will be subject to derision by our beloved little community here.

I guess that is about it. Unleash the fury Buc 'Em.