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Random Thought Du Jour: Why Won't the Buccaneers Pay Donald Penn?

Will 2010 be Penn's last season in Pewter and Red?
Will 2010 be Penn's last season in Pewter and Red?

I was listening to JustinPawlowski on 620 WDAE last Friday, who was engaging several callers over whether or not the Buccaneers should be signing LT Donald Penn to a long-term deal. Pawlowski reminded those fans of the successes that Penn has had even during the brutal 09 campaign, especially in the passing game against some premiere pass rushers, and opined that the Buccaneers would not be able to find a left tackle better than the one they have now. In contrast to one fan's argument that no teams are signing free agents due to the possible work stoppage, Pawlowski responded that teams will not have to pay those contracts during a work stoppage. A listener called Penn fat last season. Pawlowski pointed out his substantial weight loss. Pros cons. Yins yangs. Yay or nay.

Whatever side you are on, there is certainly a debate raging on the issue right now amongst the Buccaneer faithful that actually shakes some fans' faith in the organization to its foundation. Are the Bucs just being cheap? Why wouldn't they sign him this offseason when they have exclusive negotiating rights? Are they basically going to give Donald Penn an audition this year for a big, new deal before they ink him? If they are, why did they panic and throw the boat at Michael Clayton and give the biggest TE contract in league history to a good, but arguably not top-of-the-league TE in Kellen Winslow......but refuse to lock up a guy that could be a long-term answer at the most important position on the offensive line?

So, without further ado....weigh in below on whether you think the Buccaneers should sign Donald Penn this offseason, whether you think they will, and why or why not. I'll throw my thoughts in the commentary, but I want your unadulterated opinions on the matter.