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How many games will you go to in 2010?

Attendance, blackouts, empty seats. We've discussed all of these things over the last few months to a degree I hope we never approach again. We know that off of a 3-13 season that saw some terrible moments it's hard to go into this season with the glass half full. While we saw some great moments last year, namely the throwback win against Green Bay and the wins in Seattle and New Orleans (take that Tom Benson), it seemed that the shine was definitely off the Bucs apple.

It's no secret ticket sales fell last year and the stadium didn't approach capacity for many of the games. Now, I'd love to sit here and project what will happen in 2010, but as far as attendance goes, that's up to the fans. If/when the team wins, I expect more butts in the seats. Should we see another 3-13 season, I imagine I'll see more empty red seats than last year.

With the 2010 NFL year officially underway, I thought it would be a good gauge of fan interest and optimism/pessimism fo the 2010 season to see how many games you planned to attend this year. Now I know that not all of you live in the Bay area, but feel free to vote in the poll and then expound on your reasoning in the comments section. For purposes of the poll, I'm not counting preseason games.