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What Can 7th round selection Cody Grimm do for the Bucs?

My first thought would be not much; Grimm's measurables are ugly to say the least. Grimm was primarily a linebacker at Virgina Tech, but tips the scales at just over 200 lbs. This fact alone insures that he will have to play safety in the NFL. Now for the really bad news, Grimm ran a 4.64 at the combine. For a little perspective, Dekota Watson ran a 4.56 and weighs 240lbs. A lot of the positive things I hear about Cody are similar to the positive chatter around none other than legendary Buc, Sabby Piscitelli. He is described as smart or hard working, a guy who gets good reads. That kind of talk always rings alarm bells for this writer. Looking at Grimm's physical abilities, I'm very surprised he was drafted and will also be surprised if he is on the Bucs opening day roster. Athleticism isn't everything, but there is a certain baseline required to play on Sundays and 203lbs and 4.64 doesn't cut it. All that said, there is one door still cracked for Grimm, special teams. Virginia Tech is well known around college football for consistently producing some of the nation's best specialists. Grimm has faced long odds before. He walked on to Tech, earned a spot on special teams, and became an all ACC linebacker. That's no easy feat, but I suspect he just won't be able to cover enough ground to play in pewter. But what the hell, it's a 7th round pick and he can't be worse than Sabby, can he?