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Cannon Fodder for the offseason

If you can't tell, I'm searching for a title for this quasi-column I am trying to put up every few days or weeks.  I have no idea what to call it, how often it should be, or if it even generates in any interest.  If you have any feedback on any of those thoughts, be sure to fire them my way in the comments section.   Of course the main goal is to generate discussion amongst all of us Bucs fans, so without further ado, on to the wanderings of a football mind.

1)  I'm not a big fan of coordinator turnover, especially on a young team, but this puts me in a difficult situation.  I will of course support any and all members of the team as best I can, but I'm still not convinced that Olsen is the guy to get us going offensively.  I wouldn't be surprised if Van Pelt starts to sneak some discussion as an OC either here or elsewhere.  Olsen was brought in to be Freeman's mentor and that role changed from mentor to coordinator in the span of a few months.  Call me crazy, but Freeman and the team need stability, so while I'm not a huge Olsen fan, I have to hope that he sticks just to avoid turnover.  On defense it's a much different story.  I'd love for Rah to continue with the defense as he is a Tampa Two disciple and understands both our players and the scheme.  The trick will be if he can handle both defensive duties and head coaching duties.  It's all or nothing with him.  I'm not predicting a good or bad season (yet), but I see no scenario in which, if he's eve let go that he sticks around as DC

2) It seems there's a lot of chatter about how negative Bucs fans are.  I will give you that some people will always see the glass as half empty, and that's their right, but given the 2009 season, it's hard for some people to be overly optimistic.  That being said, I think the vibe around here, and for most Bucs fans is pretty neutral, until you talk about the Glazers.  The owners seem to generate the most negative feedback with Morrinik being a close second.  Fans here want to believe, we want a good team and good outcome, but the 3-13 season kind of beat them down.   I don't know how some people can say that this is a site for negative people. Heck, I predicted a 6-10 season last year, which sounds bad, but when you look at the outcome, I was apparently huffing paint.  We welcome any and all (properly presented) opinions here.  If you think that Bucs fans are being too negative, chime in and show us the sunshine.

3) I've recently read various places on the internet that perhaps Tanard Jackson has peaked as a player.  I say hogwash.  He made a dumb mistake that resulted in a 4 game suspension and played with one of the worst safeties in the league last year and behind a defensive line that would have allowed my grandmother to run for 100 yards last year.  I was thrilled with T-Jack's performance as a 4th round pick and continue to enjoy his play.  He isn't the top at his position, but he can get there.  To think that T-Jack is past his prime or will only go downhill sounds like people are searching for things to piss and moan about.

4) Pretend for a second that a 2011 season happens (i.e. no lockout).  Even though we are a young team, we could be facing a drastically altered team at that point.  Big name guy with a chance to be gone are Donald Penn, Cadillac Williams, Barrett Ruud, Ronde Barber, Michael Clayton, Davin Joseph, Tanard Jackson, and Jeremy Trueblood.  That's what I came up with off the top of my head as either restricted free agents, possible cuts, possible retirement, and those who will be out of contract.  Bigger list than I thought. 

5) If you could have either a one year wonder team with a guaranteed Super Bowl win or a 6-7 year period of continued dominance with no guarantee of a Super Bowl, which would you take?  Lame I know, but I'm curious as to the makeup of our fanbase.

Buc 'Em, the floor is yours.