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Fade to Black?





You can see the signs all over town, literally. The Bucs are having trouble selling tickets. Blame it on the economy, the losing record, or the poor stadium located in downtown St Pete. Anyway, we know the Bucs can sell tickets; they sold em' all for a decade. As with any stadium, the most important ticket sales are the most expensive ones. In the case of Ray J, that would be the suites and club seats. In the past, the Bucs required a club seat holder to purchase a license for the right to buy the seat. The license was priced as the same amount it cost to purchase a season ticket. In other words, if your season ticket was $2,500, you pay $2,500 for the license and $2,500 more for the seat. The license came with a 10 year contract and the promise of a refund of the license when the contract is complete. But wait, there's more. The Bucs would raise the price of the tickets at a 10% annual clip, thus making up for the license refund (they were not be able to raise prices every year, so they did not make up the full amount). Pretty good deal for the Glazer boys huh?  But those days are long gone. The Bucs are no longer requiring licenses, have lowered the price of seats, and several suites have become available. And now for the real trouble, the Bucs are offering free food for anyone who decides to buy seats in the club level one zone. In other words, Buc fans, if you want to see Josh Freeman, our shiny new D tackles, and Rondes last year, buy a ticket ‘cause the game's blacked out.