Winslow is missing OTAs due to 5th surgery on his right knee.


For the 2nd time in two days we learn that one of our favorite Buccaneers is missing OTAs due to knee surgery. Winslow is apparently having his knee scoped, which is just a cool way of saying that his scar tissue is being removed. This is Winslow's fifth knee surgery on his right knee in the past six years. Although it is indeed a minor surgery, it is still something to be concerned about. Winslow is entering into the second year of his lucrative six year deal, which ensures him a guaranteed $20M. Let's hope he recovers from the surgery nicely and shows up on the field in 2010 in the same way he did last season. Thanks to the guys at Pewter Report for digging this information up and making us aware of the situation, and a special thanks to rjblitz02 aka "The News Breaker" for being the first to bring this info to Buc 'Em. Get well soon Kellen.