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Long odds in 2010 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We are getting closer each day to the 2010 season, which of course will start with training camp to whet our appetite, and preseason games to give us the illusion of football.  We'll hear a lot of talk over the next few months about how every team starts out at 0-0 and is on an even playing field.  While the rhetoric may ring true, the truth is that every team is not on a level playing field.  And while there is no exact science to prove this, one way to measure the competition is by checking out the odds on each team to win the NFC South, NFC Title and Super Bowl.

From our friends at Bodog and, we can look at the odds for the Bucs in each of these categories, as well as our NFC South contemporaries.

To win the NFC South:  The New Orleans Saints are favored at 4 to 7 odds.  They are followed by the Atlanta Falcons at 8 to 5, the Carolina Panthers at 9 to 1 and the Bucs bring up the rear at 25 to 1.  Ouch.  Long odds indeed, but a stark difference between the supposed third best team and the fourth best team.

To win the NFC Championship:  The favorites are the Saints at 7 to 2 with the Packers and Cowboys at 9 to 2.  The Bucs come in at 50 to 1, tied with the Rams and Lions for longest odds.

To win the Super Bowl:  The Bucs come in at 100 to 1 odds here.  The Raiders, Lions, Rams, Browns, Bills and Chiefs are at the same odds.  Guess misery does love company.

These odds are bound to change as we get closer to the season, injuries occur and games are played.  Some good news before we conclude.  The Bucs are one point favorites in Week 1 against Cleveland.  At least we've got that going for us.