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Rookie Camp Odds and Ends: McCoy, Price Make An Early Impression in Day One; Mike Williams Makes Some Plays

Well that didn't take long.

Although it's only the first workout and the pads haven't come on yet, the starters aren't staring them in the face, and the crowd isn't roaring in their ears, DTs Gerald McCoy and Brian Price impressed coaches in their first day of minicamp.  Both players hit the sled and executed the drills with power and explosion and stood out over their fellow linemates.  Although Raheem Morris admitted that it's tough to evaluate a player based on non-contact drills, he admitted it was exciting to see what this duo could be capable of doing in the trenches.

You've gotta like not just what this duo has done on the field in college, but also the attitude and leadership they're bringing to the practice field right of the bat.  Per Gerald McCoy on teaming with Price:

"We're working one day to be the best tandem (of defensive linemen) in the National Football League,'' Price said following practice Friday. "That's big shoes to fill, but we're willing to put on 20 pairs of socks if we need to. We're willing to do whatever it takes.''

McCoy on his on-field attitude and thought process:

"That's just me. I told people once I step across those white lines, I turn into something different,'' McCoy said. "I start to open up more -- not that I'm a shy guy or quiet or anything. That's just where I live. So I open up when I get on the field.''

If these two push each other and are motivated to win as much as they say they are, the Buccaneers could be in for a quick, substantial change in production in winning the battle at the line of scrimmage and clogging interior running lanes.  It's certainly very early, but there's definitely some good vibes here. 

Also, Mike Williams flashed a little bit of his renowned skills in day one.  He reportedly took a couple of short passes and made house calls.  He got past the defense and caught a fade pass.  He also went up high over the middle and made a tough catch on a highly-thrown slant pattern over a couple of defenders. 

How can Buccaneer fans not be excited about what Mike Williams could possibly bring to this offense?  If he's motivated, which he's got plenty of reason to be right now, and hungry to prove he's a premier talent and an excellent football player, the Bucs might have found their big play guy.  Can't wait to find out.