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Draft Q&A with Turf Show Times

Since they're sitting 2 picks in front of us each round in the upcoming draft, I thought it prudent to reach out to VanRam, lead blogger over at Turf Show Times and get a little inside perspective on what the Rams might do on draft day, along with some other interesting nuggets.  Here's what VanRam had to say in response to my draft questions:

1. First thing's there any doubt in your mind that the Rams will now select QB Sam Bradford with the top overall pick? Is there any chance that the Rams will surprise everyone and select Ndamukong Suh?

It sure looks like an all-but-done-deal. Most fans have certainly accepted it as fact now. However, contract negotiations can always change things come April 22.

2. Will the pending change in the Rams' ownership have any effect on who the Rams' select?

It could, though it looks like the current owners, who will still be the owners on draft day, have the budget done for this year already. Having Marc Bulger off the books frees up space. Basically, what they don't want to do is not get a guy who they think can be the name on the marquee. That would put the franchise in the wrong direction. And force all kinds of changes.

3. What do you think of the rumor (which is a loose term nowadays) about the possibility of the Rams sending the 33rd overall pick to Denver for Brandon Marshall? Is that the type of splash move that GM Brian Devaney might be willing to make? Would you approve of such a move?

I think the Rams are sitting on a very rich vein of gold with that #33 pick, given how deep the draft is. Marshall offers a very acceptable return, but they're smart to see what other kinds of offers they get overnight on Thursday. Two second round picks in this draft would be just as valuable in the long term as Marshall.

4. Rank the Rams' top 5 positional needs starting with the greatest.


5. How much say does Steve Spagnuolo have in final draft decisions? Is it his call, Devaney's, or a combination of both? Do you think Spags' background as a former D coordinator lends him to focus on fixing a positional group first...i.e., d-line, front 7, etc?

I think they really take a team approach the draft. If you look at who has been attending the big pro days on behalf of the Rams it's Devaney, Spagnuolo and sometimes the assistants. The front office and the coaches have a plan and a direction for the Rams. It started last year with rebuilding the offensive line (Jason Smith and Jason Brown). Now, it's time for some of the playmaking building blocks.

6. Who are some guys you are hoping slide to the start of the 2nd and 3rd rds? Who are some possible sleepers the Rams might consider towards the bottom half of the draft?

I'd love to see Jermaine Gresham or Everson Griffin be there when the Rams pick at #33. Golden Tate and a couple other receivers would make for a tough choice too. The top of the third round looks to have some good players available too: Alex Carrington, Corey Wootton. Spagnuolo's staff has a good track record with middle round defensive linemen. 

 My thanks to VanRam for taking the time to respond to these questions....I know how busy all bloggers are as we close in on the start of the draft.  Make sure to check out Turf Show Times for further Ram draft information.