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Wednesday Morning Buccaneer Linkage: Bucs Continue to Explore Draft Options

Not a whole lot out there in the way of significant Buccaneer news....

 The Bucs were one of several teams to watch the private workout of Syracuse WR Mike Williams in Buffalo, who can only do better than his contemporaneously-named former USC bust, methinks.  This Mike Williams is a 6'2, 215-pounder who impressed scouts such that one called his workout "amazing".  He's still got a ways to go to convince teams to take a chance on him after he quit the Syracuse football team last fall....but a solid workout can always help do that.

 Former USF Bull George Selvie is also ready to show the Buccaneer brass what he's got, as he's set to visit One Buc Place on April 8.  Selvie lit the world on fire in 2007, but fell back to earth in 2008-09 and has been outshined by JP-P since.  Here's one of his last chances to show what he can do before the draft music starts playing. 

As Rjblitz02 noted yesterday, former CHI DE Alex Brown is set to visit the Buccaneers after visiting New Orleans. 

Stephen Holder of the Times considers the cutting of Rams QB Marc Bulger as a sure sign that St. Louis will be drafting QB Sam Bradford with the #1 overall pick. 

 Looks like Redskins GM Bruce Allen is still happy with landing big money free agents....this time reportedly interested in Flozell "the Hotel" Adams.  This time he has an owner with a blank check to draw in whatever pieces he wants.  No doubt that landing McNabb improved the team.....and the acquisition of the Hotel would be a big shot in the arm for Shanahan.  Add in Okung and suddenly Washington could already be a light year better on offense than they were a year ago.  Or it could just be a ploy.  Guess we'll find out.

 Speaking of the Redskins, it appears they might be ready to deal Albert Haynesworth.  Apparently Shanahan met with Haynesworth, and the meeting did not go particularly well.  Turns out maybe those Buccaneer fans who said Haynesworth wasn't worth the trouble and/or the money were right.  Vaya con Dios, Albert.