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Easter Sunday Bucshots: Dez Bryant to Visit One Buc Place

Happy Easter to all!  Ah yes, we're in the proverbial calm before the [draft] storm regarding significant Buccaneer news, although there's plenty of mock draftaliciousness going on throughout SBNation and the blogosphere. 

  • Prospect visits are in full swing.  After reportedly bringing in top-rated tackle Russell Okung, the Bucs are apparently set to continue looking at another top-rated offensive player, this time WR Dez Bryant.  He's reportedly scheduled to visit the Bucs, among other teams.  I don't see where he fits into the Bucs' plans in the Bucs' current draft slot, although a trade down is a possibility I suppose if both DTs are off the board and teams are mortgaging the future to get to Bradford. Just more due diligence. Regardless, I hope he remembers his plane ticket.  Hey-o.
  • Speaking of Bryant, it seems like the kid has some fire in his belly....or he's just a big talker.  Time will tell, but it sounds like he's got a chip on his shoulder.  Could be a good thing for whoever scoops him up.
  • DT Brian Price is making the rounds.....with a scheduled trip to Tampa on the horizon.  Another player who could be in play (possibly) in round 2 if the Bucs are sans an impact DT or are faced with an offer they can't refuse on draft day.
  • Rob Rang has a new 2-round mocker up at, with the Bucs taking WR Demaryius Thomas with the 35th pick.  I think Thomas is an interesting prospect who would give the Bucs a physical presence in the running game, but he is a raw receiving prospect....unlike the available Golden Tate.
  • Some SBNation community Buccaneer mock draftaliciousness at.......Behind the Steel Curtain, GangGreenNation, and Bleeding Green Nation.