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Caption Contest.

Being that this week is a little slow news wise, I thought we would try our hand at another caption contest. Our last one had very little participation, so I scoured the web for an even better photo to use this time around. This time last week I could barely even sleep because of my anticipation for the draft. What a difference a week makes huh? As we settle in for the next few months in wait for training camp to begin, I feel it is important we try to remain a tight knit community. I know all of us writers are trying to come up with fresh ideas to keep you guys entertained, and I hope that you will still be active members in the community during this down time. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what Craig and the boys have cooked up for you over the next few months.

With all that being said, let's get on to the reason for this post, which is to poke fun at one of the easiest targets in the sports world. Al Davis; Many loathe the man, a few love him, and I'm sure Raider fans just can't wait until the poor old buzzard kicks the bucket. Buc 'Em Nation, by now you should know the rules. Type your caption in the comments section. Feel free to enter as many as you can come up with. Rec the ones you like. Don't violate the community guidelines by dropping swear words. If you can't hear it on network television, it probably isn't acceptable for our contest. Any captions deemed inappropriate by myself or another staff member will be removed without warning (With all of that out of the way, please don't feel like you have to walk on eggshells. We enjoy a raunchy laugh just as much as anyone. Just don't step over the line.)

Okay Buc' Em. Unleash the fury.