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2010 NFL Draft: Buc'Em Staff Gives Out Their Draft Grades

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Without further ado, our staff weights in below and gives their evaluation of the Buccaneers' 2010 draft.  Of course, we won't know anything about the overall quality of this class for at least two or three years down the road, but the front office can be evaluated for how well they attempted to fill perceived needs and how well they grabbed higher-graded talent for value at different rounds.  Our grades and commentary........

Craig T Buc Wild Lee Caz UNFNole Nick Shepro TampaFSUFan
DT Gerald McCoy A+ A+ A+ A A A
DT Brian Price A A A B A B-
WR Arrelious Benn A A- B+ B+ B+ A+
CB Myron Lewis B+ B B+ C B+ A-
WR Mike Williams A A A+ B- B+ B+
P Brent Bowden B B B- A B- C+
S Cody Grimm C+ B A C B- D-
LB Dekoda Watson A+ A- B A B- A+
DE Erik Lorig C B- B C B N/A


Craig T

Gerald McCoy - A+.  This was one of the easiest and safest picks in the entire draft for any team.  McCoy is happy and motivated to be in Tampa, has the physical tools to succeed as a 3-tech, and has Warren Sapp to help him learn the position.  having another premier pocket-collapsing prospect alongside him in Brian Price can only make him better...........

Brian Price - A.  .............and vice versa for Price.  Price was great value at 35 and gives the Bucs a resemblence of a rotation of young defensive tackles with Roy Miller in the mix to start as well.  Quite frankly, I like the idea of doing everything possible to shore up the defensive line.  Stop the run, win football games. There is musing already of Price moving over to nose to put him and McCoy on the field at the same time, which could help create opportunities for both guys. 

Arrelious Benn - A.  The Bucs took a player that's a deep threat, a big target, and a physical blocker.  No wonder they were desperate to move up and land him.  I think he'll be in the starting lineup by the end of the first quarter of the 2010 season, if he doesn't start immediately.

Myron Lewis - B+.  Seems to have the skillset of a Tampa 2 corner.  Big (6-2, 205), physical corner who is an adept tackler.  Apparently better in zone coverage than man, which might limit their ability to mix up coverages.

Mike Williams - A.  Love this pick.  It's like getting a slightly used Mercedes for the price of a Hyundai.  Hopefully the E-class won't break down on the Bucs.  No doubt he's a risk in la cabeza, but his physical abilities and gamebreaking potential make him worth rolling the dice in Round 4.

P Brent Bowden - B.  I wish they had waited on this one, but there's no question they need a punter after last season's debacle.  Bowden has a solid average (43.9 yds) and a good control of punts inside the 20 yard line.  Strength and accuracy.....not a bad combination.

S Cody Grimm - C+.  He's got potential to stick on as a special teamer due to his effort level, physical style of play, and adept tackling ability, but he's got a tall hill to climb to make it as a contributor on defense, methinks.  That said, this kid has made a living proving people wrong since walking on at Virginia Tech, so we'll see if he can keep shutting people's mouths, starting with mine.

LB Dekoda Watson - A+.  Flat out enamored with this selection.  Watson flashed sick physical skills at the combine, rating in the top-4 of all LBs in most events, including a blazing 4.52 40-yd dash.  Watson also showed off his skills on the field in college, tallying 13 TFLs and a team-high 6.5 sacks last season.  He's versatile enough to play MLB or WLB.  Should almost-certainly stick on as a special teamer early on.

DE Erik Lorig - C.  Not the end I was looking for the Bucs to take.  Has good size and strength at 6'3, 280 lbs and can get a low pad level bull rush, but lacks any kind of explosion off the edge and will likely struggle generating consistent pressure at the NFL level.  A run-stopping end with little-to-no pass rush ability.  Blech.

Overall - A-.  An excellent draft in which Dominik addressed 3 of the Bucs' top 4 perceived needs with the first five picks.....and those picks all seem to be solid.  They flat out stole Mike Williams, and the Dekoda Watson selection could become one Buc fans talk about for a long time.  My only main critique is that I wish they had done more to address the defensive end position.....but with value at other need positions throughout the draft, I can't necessarily fault their moves.


Buc Wild

McCoy - A+ : No other way to go than McCoy.  He gives us the prototypical 3 technique defensive tackle that we've lacked for several years.  He will be expected to come in and help clean up the run defense, as well as provide a spark in the pass rushing department, not through sacks, but disruption.  A great pick.

Price - A : A surprising pick, but a good one.  With such a bad defensive line, we need new bodies and a new attitude.  Price was first round talent that dropped to the second round.  I expect him to see time as part of a rotation.  This will give our big bodies a chance to go full throttle when they are in the game, and know that they can cool their jets after that.  Good value here.

Benn - A- :  I was a little skeptical that we gave up a 5th rounder to move up and take Benn, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the people who scouted him.  As a player, he was fantastic his freshmen year showing good burst, hands, and explosiveness.  He slowed down as his career progressed, but that could easily be attributed to the offense and quarterback.  If this was the wide receiver the Bucs targeted, I have no issue with the trade up.  In hindsight I would've liked to have kept the picks, but you can't fault the front office for jumping at the chance to nab Benn.

Myron Lewis - B:  I wasn't expecting Lewis to come off the board here to the Bucs.  I thought we had bigger needs than a corner, but with Rah's experience in the secondary, it's hard to argue.  He won't be asked to come in right away and start, which will allow him time to learn the game.  He fits in the Tampa 2 defense well, but could be exposed outside in a man up scheme. 

Williams - A :  First round talent, late round attitude.  If Rah and company can get Williams to eat, drink and breathe football, we should have a special player.  I like the pick, because though we had other needs, wide receiver was a huge hole on our team.  He is giving Freeman weapons.  A risky move for sure, but the payout could be tremendous.  If Williams fails, there is no big contract looking. 

Bowden - B:  Im the last person that should complain about taking a punter (see my 2009 hammering of Dirk), but I still see the 6th round as a bit early to take him.  There was a lot of talent on the board, but special teams and particularly the punting game often get overlooked.  A need on our team, we just need him to do what he should do; kick the ball a long ways.  Nothing wrong with the player, I just thought they could have gotten him later.

Grimm - B:  A special teams filler here.  I look at him as a more complete Matt McCoy.  I don't think he ever starts for us, but will provide depth in a pinch and will should be a consistent performer on the special teams unit.  He understands the game and while he may be a bit short on talent, he looks to make up for that with a solid understanding of football and a willingness to do what is asked of him.

Watson - A- :  Nice pickup in the later rounds.  Watson has a potential to be a 4th linebacker and perhaps sneak into the starting lineup.  Injuries killed his last 1.5 years at FSU, but the guy has a nose for the ball.  He is a bit weak in man coverage and would seem to fit best in the Brooks role (WLB), but if he can stay healthy, he might be a surprise starter in future years.

Lorig - B- :  He'll have a chance to upgrade our pass rush, but this is a pick that probably won't pan out.  He doesn't distinguish himself in any way, but we've seen players blossom late before. 

Overall - A :  We won't be able to really grade this draft until 2013 at the earliest, but at first glance, Dominik and his team have provided some real ammunition on both sides of the ball.  Our biggest weakness was on the defensive line, and we picked up 2 of the top 5 tackles.  Our other area of need was WR and not only did we grab two playmakers, but two guys with size and speed.  They will provide Freeman with big targets who know how to use their body as an asset.  While we haven't said goodbye to Ronde yet, the search for an heir apparent is under way with Biggers, Mack, Roberson, and now Myron Lewis.  He should fit well in a scheme that minimizes athletic talent and ask corners to do specific jobs, particularly zone coverage.  The later picks will at worst provide depth, while we may see a surprise name or two in the starting lineup over the years.  Hat tip to Dominik and the Bucs organization for a great draft.


Lee Caz

Round 1 

DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

Grade: A+    Obviously I love the McCoy pick. It was a perfect choice. He was the best player on the board at that point and fit our biggest need to boot.

Round 2

DT Brian Price, UCLA

Grade: A    I was part of the misguided crowd that pined for Golden Tate here. Thanks heavens I'm not in charge because obviously we weren't the only ones to pass on him (although we did do it twice) I like the Price pick, and he is a legit first round talent. We should have a great interior D-line for years to come.

WR Arrelious Benn, Illinois

Grade: B+   I have been openly skeptical of Benn because of his lackluster senior year. Although Juice Williams sucks, it just seemed like something was missing last year. Let's hope he lives up to his potential and becomes the next Andre Johnson like I think he could be.

Round 3

CB Myron Lewis, Vanderbilt

Grade: B+    Just like everyone else, I was surprised at this selection. I have never seen Lewis play, but I trust Raheem and the scouts on this one. We needed a corner and he must have been the highest remaining corner on their board and that's all we can hope to accomplish at that point in the game.

Round 4

WR Mike Williams, Syracuse

Grade:    A+  Mike Williams in the 4th round may go down in history as the best value pick this franchise has ever made. I know there are some concerns with his character, but I'm going to give him a shot. He is absolutely elite as far as talent goes and I am ecstatic to have him in Pewter.

Round 6

P Brent Bowden, Virginia Tech

Grade: B-   I like the player but not the round in which he was drafted in. I know the Patriotsdrafted one in the 5th but they are a much more complete football team than us at this point. I thought there were some great value picks that we missed out on by selecting Bowden early. Despite my misgivings it was a legit need and he seems to have the goods. Hoping he will be in a Buc uniform for a long time.

Round 7

LB/S Cody Grimm, Virginia tech

Grade:   A    Although I don't know much about Grimm, it seems at the very least he will be a spectacular special teams guy. My step dad told me today that Grimm is the anti-Sabby. He doesn't look very good, but he always seem to play really well.

LB Dekoda Watson, Florida State

Grade:    B     Not being a Nole fan, I haven't seen Watson play much, but I like the pick because it addressed a position in which we need depth. Heard he has some injury history, but even if he doesn't pan out its not biggie.

DE Erik Lorig, Stanford

Grade:    B      I know absolutely nothing about Lorig, but any guy coming from Stanford is okay in my book. I think Jim Harbaugh is a pretty darn good football coach and I have met him on several occasions. I will be rooting hard for a player out of his program to make the roster.

Overall Grade: A-



Gerald McCoy- A, This was the only pick, the best player on the board that fit a huge need.


Brian Price- B-, like the player, no problem with taking the best overall player on the board but the Bucs have many needs.


Arrelious Benn- A+- Big physical Kid, strong, looks faster than he ran, fills a huge need


Myron Lewis- A- A big kid who may be able to play safety, got to love SEC experience, good value


Mike Williams-B+- good spot for a gamble but this kid is a risk


Brent Bowden- C+- letting Bidwell go the Bucs needed a punter and hes a good one but was he going to get drafted at all? Reach


Cody Grimm- D- I like Watson better, I dont think this kid can play on Sundays


Dakota Watson A+- Great value, Kid has excellent measurables, was never coached at FSU


Erik Lorig - N/A.  No one knows anything about this guy.  When I googled my name I got more results.






McCoy - A: Regardless of whether he was the perfect fit, I would have rathered Suh. However, that was obviously not an option. I was also tempted by Eric Berry, but the more I read about McCoy, the more I watch his film the more I am IN LOVE with this pick. I expect him to be a solid contributor this year. There is a HUGE learning curve for Defensive Lineman out of the draft, so I would expect 3-5 years before he is a pro-bowler. That doesn't diminsh this pick at all though, because excellent defensive lineman are hard to find.

Price - B : So, I REALLY like this pick. However, I would differ between the pick and the strategy. I would give the strategy of going after to DT's in a row (with so many huge needs on the board) a C+. Yes, it gives us a tremendous amount of depth, but I would rather build from the 1st team back. We didn't do that. Regarding the player himself, I give him an A. Brian Price is great value and is going to be an excellent tackle opposite of our 3 Technique. He's more of a two-gap player who is big, strong and flat out mean. Average the strategy and the player out and you get a B.

Benn - B+ : Again, strategy vs player. Love the player. Benn is going to be a very worthy starter in this league, and he gives Freeman the perfect scenario. I don't love giving up a 5th rounder for him. Tate would have been fun to have, but I also think we have that same player in Stroughter. if Benn can replace Claytons minutes this year, I think it will justify a 5th round pick. That remains to be seen. Don't care for the strategy but I am all about Arrelious Benn.

Myron Lewis - C: Before Friday I didn't know a lick about Myron Lewis. He is going to be a good player pending we stick with the Cover 2 for years to come. If by some chance, we get away from that (Coaching Changes), then this pick was a waste. I don't think Lewis will be adept in a Man Coverage scheme. He is definitely a project, which I think we could have found in later rounds. The better strategy would have been a Defensive End or Safety. I don't dislike Lewis and I trust Morris with him, but I was vey underwhelmed by the pick.

Williams - B-: I'm someone who turns quickly on sour attitudes. Quitting a team speaks volumes to me, regardless of a looming suspension or not. At a position in which you have natural Divas, finding one who stands out from the rest scares me. None of this is a knock on his talent though. I like that he goes and gets the football with his hands. He also seems to see defenses well and find the open areas nicely. This is all stuff that will go a long way in the NFL.

Bowden - A: Best Punter in the draft IMO. I watched just about every Hokie game and love "Sunshine." He's a big guy who has room to put on more strength. He get's the ball off quickly and gets plenty of air under it. His Yards Per Punt might not blow anyone away yet, but I like this pick more than most. It was definitely a eye-brow raiser, but he would have been gone by our next pick.

Grimm - C: Again, I like the Hokies, but as a S convert I don't think he will produce much for us. Not sure where his role on the team will be (S, or LB) but he is a good human being and should be a solid ST player.

Watson - A: Really? Would I give him anything less? He was hampered by terrible coaching, an awful position coach and a bad defense. Not to mention injuries that slowed him down at times. He is a special talent and a true competitor. When I got this text message, I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down. A potential 4th LB this year and a future starter (pending he stays healthy).

Lorig - C: Last pick of the draft. Not a high likeliness that he will be picked. I would have rathered see us grab Blount and sent Clifton Smith packing (nothing against him, but I am against people who are kept on strictly as returners. It's a waste of a roster spot).

Overall - B: What really got me is Mark Dominik's underestimating the value of a 5th round pick. I love some of the players and think others will be average. You can't get a future pro-bowler or starter out of every pick, so in that context I think Dominik and Morris had a very very good draft. If they were going to draft two players at two positions I would have like to see them ship one of them off for more picks before the draft (when they actually had leverage). I am excited about Benn, Watson and McCoy.


So what do you think, Buc'Em?  Give us your grades and react to ours.  Let's hear it.