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2010 NFL Draft: Early Returns on the Buccaneers' Draft Are Positive

This is not the only man in Buccaneer gear smiling right about now.
This is not the only man in Buccaneer gear smiling right about now.

Seems like the Buccaneers' draft picks are as much of a hit to the media and experts as they are to the fans. Considering Dominik and company have filled positions of great perceived need with potential impact players, it's not hard to see why.

Generally speaking, most experts have lauded the Buccaneers' selections to date, including the back-to-back defensive line picks of McCoy and Price. Although few know much about CB Myron Lewis out of Vanderbilt, he's got the size to be a physical jam corner and a tackling machine. Mike Williams is an exceptional value pick with high upside and Arrelious Benn was one of the highest-rated WRs out there.

Here's what they're saying.......

Pete Prisco gave the Buccaneers a grade of "A" on the selection of CB Myron Lewis and offered the following on the Buccaneers draft:

The run on corner continues with the biggest of the three. Lewis is the eventual replacement for Ronde Barber. He is a big corner at 6-2. I like this pick. The Bucs have had a good draft.

Prisco also notes that with the selection of Brian Price, the Bucs solved their defensive tackle problems with one draft. I am cautiously optimistic that they have as well. applauds the selection of Benn and notes that he'd have been a potential top-10 pick in last year's draft, but that his stock fell from last year's decrease in productivity.........which they, along with several other outlets, attribute to Illini QB Juice Williams' crappy play. SI also muses over whether the Bucs might move Price over to the nose spot., while not giving out a grade, offers supporting comments of each selection. They also project Price to move over to nose and possibly couple with McCoy for an incredibly-athletic one-two interior punch on the defensive line. gives the Bucs a grade of "A" for their selection of McCoy. Hard to argue otherwise, methinks.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post comes away impressed with the Bucs' draft. His comments about Benn's ability are pretty uplifting. Check it out.