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Freeman's options just got better. Arrelious Benn is drafted by Bucs

We all knew the Bucs needed a wide receiver or three, and apparently, Dominik got the message. The Bucs traded up with the Raiders, giving up a 5th rounder in the process to draft wide receiver Arrelious Benn from Illinois.  We expect big things from Benn.  As with all of our picks, we'll be bringing you more in depth analysis down the road.

For no, enjoy his draft profile.

Pros: Ideal size for an NFL WR at 6'2, 220 pounds.  Although his agility and ability to make players miss leaves something to be desired, he's a big, physical presence who is tough to bring down in the open field.  Has good speed, although his acceleration to top speed is not top-notch.  His physicality is also evident in his blocking.  Also able to fight off jams.  Long arms, good ups, and premiere body control make him a true 3rd-and-short chain-moving machine.

Cons: Played for a stinky QB at Illinois in the seemingly-regressing Juice Williams, which prevented Benn from standing out and demonstrating what he's fully capable of.  Rounded off his routes far too much and will have to improve those.  Still hasn't shown the ability to juke or fool coverage.

Overall: Still an unknown comodity, with much of his stock to be determined at private workouts and his pro day.  Regardless, his imposing size, straight-line speed, and physical tools make him a very attractive option to teams looking for the next big, #1 Plaxico Burress-ish type of receiver.