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Top Ten things to do while waiting for the draft.

We're all struggling to find that next piece of news as it relates to the NFL offseason.  We know we are more than 3 months away from any football related news (not counting the draft), 4 months away from any football action, and 5 months away from meaningful football.  Kind of makes the next few months seem kind of bleak doesn't it?

So with courtesies to Letterman, and anyone/everyone who has crafted a Top Ten list, here are the top ten things you can do to stave off boredom as we begin our approach to the draft.

10)  Fire up whatever video game console you have and play some Madden.  It may be the only chance the 2009 Bucs have of seeing double digit wins.  (When I played my franchise, I was amazed when I saw Sabby missing tackles.  I guess it's true, "If it's in the game, it's in the game")

9) Find a copy of the Bucs Super Bowl DVD, grab a few adult beverages, fire up the grill, and re-live the greatest moment in franchise history.  As a friendly note, the Super Bowl DVD is optional, but all other items are required.

8) Prepare a mock draft.  Now, we all know that we aren't scouts or general managers, but I've always found this exercise to be an intriguing one.  In fact, if you want to "test" your abilities, draw up a mock draft any day before the actual draft day and then compare it to what happens.  Even better if you do that with a few friends and lay a few bucks each that goes to the individual with the most correct picks.

7) Do yard work.  My wife made me put that one on there. Can't imagine she meant it seriously though.

6) If you're so obliged, flip on a baseball game.  Opening Day is April 4th with the Rays opening on April 6th.  Baseball may not be for everyone, but it will satisfy your competitive juices and you'll be supporting another local team hurting for fans.

5) Invent an invisible superglue, patent it, and the ship 1,000 cases to Michael Clayton.  (Reminds me of The Replacements when Gene Hackman smears stick 'em on Orlando Jones' hands.  The quote, unfortunately, won't be repeated here)

4) Put on your Bucs jersey, shirt, hat, tie, whatever you have and walk around the house telling your wife/significant other/friends that this is the year the Bucs break the 3 win barrier.  (If you don't have any Bucs apparel, grab a white tee shirt, a red marker and draw your favorite player's number on the front and back with his name.  You've just created a homemade Bucs jersey.  I highly recommend you take a picture of it and send it to us.  There's no reason for it.  No really, we won't make fun of you). 

3) Practice field goal kicking.  There may be a chance you get an opent ryout for the team this year.

2) Find a random person on the street, ask them "What Would Raheem Do" and then chest bump them.

and (cue drum roll) the number 1 thing to do while waiting for the draft is?

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