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What will your memories of the 2009 season be?

We are now less than a week away until we can officially call our 2010 season to have started.  We've made a small splash in the free agency/trade market, but to me, the new season doesn't begin until the commissioner strolls up to the podium, welcomes everyone, and then begins revealing how each franchise plans to shape their franchise by the players they select as worthy additions to their team.

With 2009 about to be put to bed, which I think we all will agree is a good thing, it got me thinking about the season that was.  There weer a lot of memorable moments in 2009, and most of them were not things we care to re-live.  The 0-9 start, the hiring/firing of coordinators, the QB carousel, the trouncing by the Cowboys, saying goodbye to #55 Derrick Brooks, more missed kicks than I hope I ever see again, a 5 interception day, the passing of Gaines Adams and a revolving door at safety.  Those were not good times.

But there were good signs for our team, both in play and development.  The improvement of the D, the win against Green Bay on throwback day, the victories at Seattle and New Orleans, Michael Spurlock taking another return to the house, Geno Hayes evolving into a relevant NFL player, Aqib Talib keeping his helmet on his head and saving the hitting for the field, and the honoring of a football legend in Mr. Selmon.

The things that I'll take from 2009 are mixed.  3-13 is not what I wait for September for, but there were things that I enjoyed about the season.  It was my first season here on Buc 'Em which gave me a chance to share my thoughts with all of you.  There was the first TD pass of Freeman, the TD by Michael Clayton that made us all think that things had turned around for him, and Stroughter turning out to be a nice find.

The biggest thrill for me was seeing Cadillac (Carnell Williams) as the opening day starter and making it through a full season.  I'm notoriously in his corner, but I don't think there were many people who thought he'd make it a full year, and look like roughly the same player.  The burst may not be as big, the top end speed may have diminished, but he's still Caddy.  I came into this season telling my friends that I just hoped he would get the rock in the preseason, score once to say he came back and walk away.  Then he turned in a solid 2009 season which saw him earn the starting nod and find the end zone multiple times.  That made 2009 for me.

So before we close the books on 2009, what will you take from the season that was?  What were the good and/or bad events and happenings from 2009 that you'll remember?