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Do you have faith in Mark Dominik leading the most important draft in team history??



Let's look back at the 5 biggest moves of Mark's first year or so... and grade em'

In no particular order....

  1. Trades a 2009 2nd and a 2010 5th for Kellen Winslow.  This one worked out, plain and simple. Winslow was the Bucs most productive offensive player in '09 and I think Josh Freeman would no longer be with us (dead I mean) without him. Grade: A
  1. Slaps Antonio Bryant with the franchise tag. Hmmm..... well after Bryant's '08, Bucs fans would have revolted if they didn't find a way to keep him in pewter. On the other hand, he didn't earn his money and is no longer a Buc. Still, considering Dominik's only options were to give him a long term deal or go the one year route, I would say he made the best choice. Grade: B
  1. Drafts Josh Freeman with the 17th overall pick in the 2009 draft. The Jury is out on this one and it's going to be a while. I didn't like how Dominik traded up for no apparent reason, but he didn't give up much, so whatever.  I think you can guess the Grade: Incomplete   
  1. Trades Gaines Adams to the Bears for a 2010 2nd round pick.  By all accounts, Gaines Adams was a very nice man and his death was tragic, but we will keep it to football.  This was a "cut your losses" move and a well executed one.  Adams was the 4th overall pick two years earlier, but could not produce on the field and was being pushed by Stylez G. White (wow writing that is even more ridiculous than saying it). A second rounder was a steal and should prove useful this year.  Grade: A+
  1. And of course, Mr. Derrick Brooks.  Dominik introduced himself to Buccaneer nation by cutting "our favorite player".  This move was poorly handled by the entire organization and Derrick deserved better. However, Brooks was not signed by another NFL team and Geno Hayes was better than Derrick would have been in '09.  The first rule in sports is the best players play, and Derrick would not accept a lesser role, which left Dominik with no choice. Grade: C-

Honorable mentions: Not signing Rudd and Penn to long term deals, the Albert Haynesworth matter, the Derrick Ward signing, Raheem Morris ( this would certainly be in the top 5 but the Glazers were involved here and  I am not sure how big of a hand Dominik had in the hire)

So there you have it Bucs fans, is this the guy you want making the picks?