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Bucs make two major moves today

The Tampa Bay franchise pulled off a few firsts today.  First the Bucs have signed embattled wide receiver Michael Clayton to a lifetime contract today, paying him up to $10MM a year based on production.  The contract details read that for every pass caught, Clayton receives $1,000, for every drop he receives, $100,000.  When asked for comment, Clayton said "I've been dropping balls for years, that check is as good as being in the bank"

Dominik met with media and discussed the signing.  Anytime you can lock up a player that averages less than a TD per year, you have to do it.  Raheem said last year that we couldn't question Clayton anymore after Week 1.  Well, i wanted to back him up, so rather than support Michael with words, we signed him to a lifetime deal.  You're welcome Tampa Bay.

Being the investigative reporter I am, I tracked down some Buc 'Em members to get their take.  Here's what they had to say.

Cracker Ball - "I'm delighted that the Bucs have made some a great move.  Everything they have done to this point is genius, and this only proves it!"

bucnut1 - "I have to admit, that Mark Dominik, he knows what he's doing.  I'm his biggest fan."

bucsfanlostiniowa - "This solidifies it.  I'm moving back to Tampa.  I've already asked Raheem if I can move in with him"

SRQMan - "Arrrrrr matey"

Hook85 - "The only way this news could be better was if we had signed a few more 'Noles.  Forget the orange and blue.  Give me some garnet and gold"

Me - "Forget stats, they're useless, he plays hard and that's all that counts"

Some other guy who doesn't care - "Check out what everyone else is saying about it (posts links)"

In other news, the Bucs have announced that they will be holding open auditions for fans to become a kicker on the team.  The tryouts will be held on June 31st, 2010 at One Buc Place.  The team did lay out some restrictions.

- You must be able to identify the uprights and crossbar.

- You must promise that you've made at least one field goal before.

- You must have at least one leg.

There you go.  Two big announcements.  For the official release, you can go here.

If this gave you a laugh, good for me.  If it didn't, prepare to meet the banhammer.  Happy April Fool's Day Buc 'Em!