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What Buc'em is about

There are some things that need to be cleared up on this blog, especially before tonights town hall meeting. I do not want the meeting to be about us, but about the Bucs.

That is what this site is about. Its a Bucs site.

Over the time Ive been on Bucem, here and there I have said things about myself,  but perhaps some people may not have been around to read them. Because of that, I think some have taken me the wrong way.

FANPOST ISSUE- We changed the requirements of the Fanposts lately not because of what was being said, but because of how it was being said. The Grammar was so poor it was hardly understandable. I was one of the people who was fighting against doing that, but after consulting with other SBNation bloggers, it became obvious it would be in the best interest of the Blog. I was told "What if you met someone on an airplane and told them about your blog. Then they looked up your site. What would they see?"

CENSORSHIP- Contrary to recent belief,  I have zero interest in censoring your opinions. You do not have to see eye to eye with me, I will respect your beliefs, and your right to have them. I do not want everyone on this site to think the same way. But when comments stop being football based and start becoming  based on "watch out, dont say this or dont say that" were not talking football or Bucs anymore. Your making it about me, or about something else.

MY POINT OF VIEW- from day one has been one that is positive. I dont try to hide it. I am not media, I am a blogger, I get paid to write you my opinion. Its true Im older than most on here and because of that, I have seen more of the Bucs seasons. When I dont get upset that we got Free Agents, I think about when we got Alvin Harper or Bert Emmanuel as they were supposed to fix the Bucs, but instead didnt amount to squat.  When others blame Morris or Dominik, I see Leeman Bennett or Ray Perkins, and I KNOW Raheem is a better coach. 

Even so, I do NOT even come close to thinking he is perfect. He has made a lot of mistakes since becoming coach. Which one of us wouldn't learn a great deal from making mistakes. He now has one year of HC experience under his belt. Give him another year, lets see what he can do, and then I will join you in calling for his job if he screws up, or any of the front office staff do for that matter.


If you want your negative point of view respected, you cannot criticize my eternally optimistic one. I spent most of my life (as the Bucs were terrible for so many years of it (15 straight) trying to convince fans of other teams that the Bucs were going to be good, and sometimes I find it frustrating that I have to do the same things to Bucs fans themselves. Thats the way I choose to be a fan. Im a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and no matter who the Coach is, thats my coach. If Raheem would have been fired at the end of 09 and Cowher were to replace him, I would have been against that.

But then I would have put myself in Cowher's corner, because he is the coach of my team now. I didnt like Leftwich at Quarterback,  but I rooted for him when he played. Its the only way I know. If you want some negativity to go with your coffee, there are plenty of sites to choose from. And there are plenty of people on here to chat it up with. I will continue to represent the voice of optimism. 

Occasionally, I will find something I strongly feel is wrong about the Bucs, and get to the heart of the matter. Trent Dilfer, Alvin Harper, Gaines Adams (RIP) are guys I felt strongly against playing for the team. There was a time this year I was almost there with Morris too! But I knew common sense tells me you have to give someone more than one year to work a plan.


So to sum, I would love to debate the Bucs, or football, with any and all of you. I love the community here on Bucem, I honestly want it to be as free as possible for you to be able to feel how you want and express yourself, even if you dont like the Coach I like. But some of the things that have been going on will bring the site down, and that is not something I want to see. There are 2000 daily users loging into Bucem each day, yet only the same 15 people comment.


I apologize for any turmoil that has gone on today. I was trying to peacefully stop little comments by hiding them instead of causing a ruckus and giving out warnings, hoping things would just blow over. Instead it just got worse. Comments werent hidden because they were anti morris, they were hidden because they were anti blog. People dont want to read that. They dont want to read about us. They want to read about the Bucs.

I dont want this site to ever turn into some of the forums on other sites where members are telling each other how they dont what theyre talking about. I wont even comment there, because the site is all about them, and Bucem is not about us. Its about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.