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Tonight! Be There! TOWN HALL MEETING at 6PM EST

Rules of the Town Hall Meeting:

NONE of the following will be allowed;


  • F bombs or the major curse words- you can get your point across without them.
  • Person to Person attacks- Make your point, defend your point, attack a belief, player, coach's ability, etc, not a fellow fan. "You Dont Know Football" is for other sites, ours is all about how much we all know!
  • Racial, Religeous, Ethnic, or political comments. - They are the ones the inflame and turn a good convo into a flame war faster than anything.




  • a fast typer on the keyboard!
  • an opinion, or an argument.



Opening Topic will probably be Bucs situation with Free Agency. It can morph into anything.


NOTE: Two prizes will be given out. 2x BluRay HD (or standard DVD) of any game in 2009 will be given out.

1 to the XXXth comment, in order, when the event is over.  Number to be determined by lottery.

The Other, A BEST COMMENT prize will be given, as voted on by staff, to the best comment of the night!

1 BR/DVD game to each winner!