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BUCSHOTS: March 9th- Brown Trade, Will Allen TD vs Fins and More.

Brown comes to the  Bucs with potential and a chance to compete.
Brown comes to the Bucs with potential and a chance to compete.

Rick Stroud of the Times reports on the trade for WR Brown

I find it a little hard to believe there would be ANY negative or pessimistic reaction to this deal. The Bucs are NOT going to over-spend on over the hill or over-valued free agents, instead they are going to pick up players who can compete for starting jobs. Reggie Brown led all rookie receivers when he came into the league, and his production fell off after an injury, and the emergence of Maclin and Jackson. His story is similar to that of Michael Clayton, but 2010 will be a fresh start for him to compete to be a starting Wide Receiver. No one knows that type of player he will be this year, but if he is a bust he came at hardly any expense.  The Bucs need WRs, and here is one who needed a change of scenery. I would be shocked if the Bucs do not draft another WR in the second day of the draft (this year, the first day is the first round only). These are the types of players we should expect to see coming in through the doors at One Buc for the rest of the season.

Will Allen signs with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Allen hasn't been a potential starting Safety for the Bucs since Tanard Jackson removed him of his duties in 2007. However, Allen has been a great asset on Special Teams, which is probably why the Steelers picked him up. 

Watch Will Allen in 2005 does a scoop n score against the Dolphins!

Ahhh the good ole days, when the Bucs had the no.1 defense in the league. 

Stephen Holder of the Times talks about how the Rams moves lately dont exactly mean what they seem.

With so much talking by just about everyone in the business, its impossible to know what moves are diversionary, or not. The Bucs draft pick will be affected most by the Rams however, not as much as what the Lions do.

Pewter Reports Insider coverage by Charile Campbell is predicting the Bucs are interested in Jordan Shipley. A subscription to PR is required to view this and more inside info. 

While we cannot link to Insider content, Mr.Cambell may be onto something. I highly recommend checking out and subscribing. 

A nice little piece on about Bucs rumours.

The "Welcome to the Crazy Train Pt I" story is entertaining reading.

Jim Flynn of reports the charges against Flip have been reduced.

It may not matter, as any Safety picked in the first two rounds will surely be Phillips replacement, probably as soon as this season. Phillips cannot make it through a season without ending up on IR, The legal problems may just as well be the proverbial straw.