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Buc'em Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday 6PM-8PM(?)

See you in the hall Tuesday  Night for some in depth Bucs discussion!!
See you in the hall Tuesday Night for some in depth Bucs discussion!!

Opening Topic: Bucs Free Agency
The Town Hall meeting is open to everyone and anyone on Bucem. The thread will start at 6PM sharp and will last until 8PM or longer.

Community Guidelines will be in effect, The thread will not be as relaxed as an in game thread, but that is only so the thread does not get out of control.

As you can see from comments on recent posts, Bucs fans are  divided among opinions such as;


  • Raheem Morris as HC
  • Mark Dominik as GM
  • Bucs Free Agency or lack thereof
  • Draft ideas
..and so guidelines are only to keep this event organized. 

We know there is a chance the nature of the topics and differing of opinions will cause the discussion to possibly get heated at times. If we can all respect each others rights to have an opinion, these Town Hall Meetings can be a fantastic way to discuss major events faster and more in depth than ever before.  
Things that will get you bumped from the event:
  • Player or Coach Name Calling or derogatory names.
  • Fan to Fan name calling "You dont know football".
  • F Bombs or other blatant cuss words.
  • Racist, Political or Religious comments.
There is plenty to talk about without having to go down any one of those alleys!                                                                                                                                             

The opening topic will be the Bucs strategy regarding Free Agency. It can morph into anything from If Earnest Graham should start to who has the best Pizza after the game.

See you there!