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Announcing Buc'Em Fanpost and Fanshot writing contest!

We've set the bar a little higher on the Fanposts, so we want to see the best, from the best. Meanwhile, we've relaxed the strictness of the Fanshots, to give you a place to sound off. So we're announcing two prizes for two contests: Best Fanpost and Best Fanshot articles, starting RIGHT NOW....and going on until the end of the month.

FanPost are in the right column on top, they are blog posts, written by you, instead of us. They must be of the same quality as a story we would post. Spelling, Grammar, all must be of high quality. A fanpost can be your opinion on a subject, or you reporting something. It must be 75 words minimum, a good rule of thumb is you should have 100 words no problem. If your hunting for more words to reach the 75 word minimum, you probably have a fanshot instead.

FanShots are your way of saying something, thats not just a comment. The bar is lower, so you can be more free to sound off the way you feel. Your "i" letters should be capitalized, but your grammar doesn't have to be perfect. U can incorporate text standards or other effects. Its up to you, but if you want to be taken serious, the way you format your Fanshot can make a difference.        

Best Fanshot Contest - Prize: Keepsake ornament with Jeff Garcia, Joey Galloway and Ronde Barber hugging in celebration, and choice of any Bucs Game in my Library on DVD. Oh, Joey has #83 for some reason!

Fanshot guidelines are not as strict as the Fanposts. There is no limit to #of characters. And you can write what you want. You still have to follow the community guidelines: no attacking other members. You can ease up on the grammar a little, to add some effect to your message, within reason. If it looks ridiculous, like every i lower case, its subject to removal just like a fanpost.                                                      

Best Fanpost Contest - Prize: Mike Alstott Bobble-Head from the #40 retirement ceremony Sunday Night October 19th at Raymond James Stadium when the Bucs took on the Seattle Seahawks, and choice of any Bucs game from my collection on DVD.

The new guidelines are in place, your fanpost should have quality grammar. Accidents happen, just fix them by following the recommendations in your browser, or make your post in Word and copy and paste it over.

FanPost and FanShot posts may be removed if they are found to be in violation of Community Guidelines. Your post will NOT be removed because of 

  • The basis of your opinion
  • Who you are
  • What you have posted before                           

So what are you waiting for? Tell us whats on your mind!

Sorry, Contests are for fans only- Staff cannot win one of these prizes :)                          


NOTE: Coming Tuesday 6pm-8pm The first Buc 'Em Town Hall meeting. Everyone is welcome. Topic of Discussion will start out with the current Free Agency situation. More details at noon.