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BUCSHOTS: March 5th- Bucs interested in Steeler's Parker, Texans WR Kevin Walter, Ricky Bell & Tom Henderson Videos & More!

Could Mr. Parker reside on the Gulf Coast?
Could Mr. Parker reside on the Gulf Coast?

Pewter Report's Jim Flynn has reported from its source(s) that the Bucs are interested in Pittsburgh Steeler Running Back Willy Parker.

Even though you would think the Bucs are stocked at running back, can you honestly say that going into 2010 you have the utmost confidence in either of our backs at being a franchise back? A star like, well, Parker? If it's one thing we learned from last year, its that the Bucs will make something happen if they want to. They picked up Winslow, and Ward last season, so Parker may not be far behind.                                                                                                                    

Rick Stroud reports the Bucs are among several teams interested in Texans WR Kevin Walter.  

Two Points here: 1) So much for the 28 year old cut off mandate instituted this week. It would appear the Bucs had other issues with AB that they didnt want to address publicly. 2) Kevin Walter came into the league one year before Michael Clayton, has almost as many catches as Mr. Clayton(212 for K.W. and 225 for M.C.), yet half of #80's yards, and ten less touchdowns. That is not a misprint. Walter has 15 career TDs to Clayton's 25. This interest is very, interesting.

Vintage clip of Ricky Bell taking a Doug Williams pass for a TD.

This is from the 1979 season, and Tampa Bay had lost two games in a row and were home playing the rematch against the Packers. Ricky Bell had great hands for receiving too. This is a nice chance to see two key players in that magical Bucs season.                     

Watch Tampa Tribune's Joe Henderson's video on how the Bucs cant completely pass on free agency.

Another video, this time from, Henderson makes some good points, similar to what Ive said lately concerning how the Bucs were built back in '96/97. My only exception to his message is that those free agents he speaks of were brought in once the Bucs had already established themselves as a winning team; a team that was a few pieces short of that Super Bowl birth they were being predicted to earn.

NFL news with some Buccaneer influence...

The AP feed on reports Panthers cut Jake Delhomme, paving the way for Matt Moore to take over the offense.

This man has been a thorn in the Bucs side since BEFORE playing for the Panthers. 2002 Bucs at Saints, Delhomme came off the bench and threw for a first down, killing the Bucs chance to get the ball one more time in the game. Then we wont even get into the 2003-2006 seasons! Good riddance Jake, nice to see you go!                                                                                                                                                                  

Also Nate Burleson is one receiver no longer available for Bucs fans to dream about, having signed with the Lions.