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BUCSHOTS: March 4th- Gruden coaches up Tebow, T-Jacks TD return Video, Glazers say NO to Man U sale

Imagine this photo on the front page if Chucky were still our coach!! (image courtesy of
Imagine this photo on the front page if Chucky were still our coach!! (image courtesy of

Rick Stroud reports from Carrollwood Day School where Jon Gruden worked with Tim Tebow.

Say what you will about Jon Gruden, but he knows how to coach up the Quarterback position. Tebow could do much worse than to listen to what Gruden has to say. Funny thing is, if he were still our coach, we would be more up in arms than we were last year when Freeman was the rumored pick!

According to Steven Holder's story, The Glazers say Man U is NOT for sale.

Check out the Wall Street Journal's story on this, via Holder's Twitter.

Remember the winless Bucs needing to shut down Aaron Rogers and the Packers on 4th down and T-Jack picks the ball and returns it for the Game clinching TD? Well re-live that again in HD.

If you look carefully you can see me jumping up and down in the Pirate ship when the camera pans to it. This was the culmination of one of the most incredible weekends of Bucs football in my life, with the dinner the night before at One Buc Place with the 1979 Bucs, Meeting Lee Roy Selmon, Doug Williams, Richard Wood, Ed Glazer and coach Morris, sideline passes pregame and finally Pirate Ship seats...Thank You again Paul Stewart!

Ira Kaufman talks about how weak the free agent market is.

This is one point no one brings up in the comments section; how NO TEAMS are really going to spend on free agents this year as they are practically none to be had, without trading all the draft picks your trying to build a foundation with. It would equate to trying to build a house, but you trade your bricks for a surround sound BluRay system. Priorities.