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Wednesday Buccaneer Linkage: Buccaneers Descend Upon One Buc Place

  • Per the Times, a suprising number of Buccaneers were at One Buc Place this week for offseason conditioning.  Even though players can work out on their own, they are apparently coming together, which is certainly an encouraging sign.  Even Barrett Ruud, who arguably has reason to stay away, made it down there. 
  • Sounds like Geno Hayes is making all the right moves this offseason to get ready for the season...rehabbing his right shoulder and logging time in the film room.  Geno definitely showed flashes of brilliance last season and hopefully will come back 100% healthy. 
  • Pete Prisco of has a piece up on the Buccaneers' draft needs.  Upon reading Prisco's take of the interior of the Buccaneer defensive line as "solid", I coughed and choked a tad on my piece of garlic bread.  In all seriousness, it's a pretty interesting read and highlights, in part, the razor-thin depth and talent they have right now behind Talib and Barber.  Wouldn't stun me if the Bucs take a CB with one of their first four picks.
  • Looks like the 2010 NFL Schedule could be released as early as April 13.
  • Sam Bradford apparently shined at his pro day, earning comparison to the apparently epic workout by the great Troy Aikman.  High praise, to be certain.  He should be wearing a St. Louis jersey on April 22, unless the Rams and Bradford clash terribly on contract terms prior to draft day.  Don't think that happens.
  • Speaking of pro days, USF's was yesterday, where about 50 scouts, personnel, and head coaches were present.  The Times reports that S Nate Davis put up an impressive 34.5 inch vertical jump, but noted that he only put up 225 pounds on the bench 12 times.  The bench press is one of the most overrated tools in evaluating a player.  I'll take a guy with moderate strength with good quicks and ups like that.  WR Carlton Mitchell, a guy who's intrigued several readers on this site, ran a 4.42 40-yard dash.
  • Oh, and Jason Pierre-Paul likes to do backflips.  This guy is a freaking incredible athlete.