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Boldin on the block

It's been rumored for awhile that Anquan Boldin would be on the trade block as he enters the last year of his contract. At age 29, he has been a productive receiver both before and after Larry Fitzgerald arrives. He has been a bit of an injury concern, but has shown the ability to play through some tough injuries.

It's been reported that the Cardinals are asking for a third rounder for Boldin. Now, we know the Bucs are lacking at wide receiver right now. So what say you Buc 'Em, should the Bucs trade a third rounder for Boldin? Be sure to vote in the poll and leave your comments and analysis.

Editor's Note: As it's just speculation right now, we'll leave the analysis behind. If this story picks up any steam, we'll be sure to be on top of it and post the latest news and info on it.