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BUCSHOTS: Sears ready? Man U debt hurting Bucs? Bruce Hill shows us his receiving skills too!

The return of Sears is still anyones guess.
The return of Sears is still anyones guess.

Stephen Holder for the Times reports on Aaron Sears condition.

Read with caution. Nowhere does the article say he likely will do anything, yet many fans will take this as negative and that he WONT be ready. That is just as wrong as taking it that he WILL be. I think we all here at Bucem can agree that we wish Aaron a speedy recovery, as we need his services in his 2007 form.

Rick Stroud does a little leg work for the St. Pete Times and talks about the Glazers Man U situation.

Highly volatile subject on our website and others....probably best if its just read.

Another Holder story on the website, which talks about how the Bucs will be in better shape if the Glazers plan works.  

If? It worked before, it will work again. The landscape of Pro Football has not changed much since 1978 and 1981 in respects to defense and offense. 1978 being the rule changes giving Wide Receivers more leeway in their routes. Before that, a defender could kill a WR and "Play Ball" is all you would get. '78 gave us the front palms of refs hands faced towards us, with the words ..."defensive pass interference...". 1981 was a vilification of Bill Walsh's west coast offense. It had worked before under its creator Paul Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals under offensive coordinator Walsh and QB Sam Wyche, but not to this extent. Brought to San Francisco in 1979 under the direction of Steve DeBerg and finally Joe Montana, the idea of short passes to replace runs caught on when the 49ers won a SuperBowl with the offense. Today a west coast playbook is in just about every teams arsenal. Other than minor defensive adjustments, Free Agency and technology (which granted are big changes in an of themselves), football as a sport hasnt changed since those days. has a video of former Bucs WR Bruce Hill catching a pass in the middle of the field, and having the smarts (and ability) to get out of bounds knowing his situation!

The Bucs had NO timeouts left, and were out of field goal range vs the Lions in the Silverdome. The Lions just tied the game with a TD with :52 seconds left, but by 1988, Vinny Testeverde was letting Footballs fly with reckless abandon (To the tune of 35 interceptions!). And with Mark Carrier and Bruce Hill along with Ron Hall under them, occasionally the Bucs could move the ball with the best of them. As this video shows, Hill took the catch in the middle of the field, and somehow reached his objective. Of course, he picked up GREAT blocks along the way! That shouldn't be skipped.

Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune refers to the Glazer's quiet approach and how its just feeding their view in negativity. o matter how you feel about the Glazers, and I make no qualms about liking them, the one thing about them that needs to go is their almost complete reluctance to voice, well, anything. No we don't want Jerry Jones, and we dont want the Home Depot Man on the sidelines walking back and forth either, but we don't want to wonder how they feel about big issues either. Hopefully their new PR people will get that point across to them. You can not be meddlesome and hold a PC once a month too!

Ira Kaufman sits down with Joel Glazer in this interview.

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