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BUCSHOTS- Dominik; "Glazers place no restrictions", cutting it close Video of the day, A look at Corners & More..

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Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times reports the Glazers have NOT placed restrictions on spending, at least that is what Mark Dominik is saying about his bosses.

Then I will have to eat an increasingly larger amount of a particular black Corvus, because I have blamed the lower than expected free agency spending on the Glazers lack of funds. Not that I disagree with the plan: the FA market this year is more expensive than usual, and lower overall on talent. The Draft on the other hand is very deep and represents almost two years worth of future star players because of the possibility of a Rookie Cap, Juniors are coming out in droves. website begins a position by position analysis starting out with Corner Backs.

We still have two players that we don't know a lot about as far as their futures. Elbert Mack and E.J. Biggers are promising. Talib is an emerging star, and the addition of one more like him could cement the Bucs DBs as one of the leagues best.

With Buffalo driving into winning FG range, the '82 Bucs Defense comes up big! Re-live the moment Or view it for the first time HERE. 

Will never forget this, I was in the end zone with the Bills coming towards us. There were a lot of turnovers in the game too! This was a must win game, the first of three straight home games the Bucs needed to win all three to finish 5-4. They won each game by a FG or less, all at the last minute or OT.                                               

Dungy and Gruden are not the only guys in Tebow's corner. According to Ira Kauffman, Jack Del Rio has the Gator passer on his wish list. 

I'm neither a Tebow fan, nor hater. Same with the Gators. I'd be happy to see the kid prove his critics wrong, but at the same time not surprised to find that everyone was right about him. Something tells me in 5 years we may still be debating his value. 

On the topic of the new OT playoff rules, Matt Moseley, Orlando Based ESPN writer throws his 2 cents into the fray.

I'm not a big fan of this. So a touchdown wins it Sudden death in overtime, the whole idea is to give the other team a chance to respond to a team getting the kickoff at the 40, and going 30 yards and kicking a long FG. 

Well what about a team that has a fluke 70 yard TD run, or long pass? What about a kickoff return for a TD? No chance to respond to that? How many teams when they take the opening possession will think twice about kicking a FG knowing a responding TD will end the game; instead going for it on 4th down to get the TD to end the game right there?

If were only talking about playoff games, just add another Quarter, or say a 10:00 one, full, with Time Outs and such. I have no problem with changing NFL rules, I actually like it. But make changes that are likely to stay. This just SOUNDS so temporary.