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BUCSHOTS-Tomlin's take on Morris, Joey Galloway Video, Bidwell gone & More

Mike Tomlin feels Morris will improve in 2010 from experience on the job.
Mike Tomlin feels Morris will improve in 2010 from experience on the job.

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin talks about his former Protegee and how he will improve in 2010.

Its really hard to figure out what needs to improve, because we dont know who was responsible for the major messes of 2009. Who hired Jags? Who hired Bates? Who decided to keep Clayton and sign him to a huge contract? Whose idea was it to have a McCown vs Lefwich preseason only to have the loser shipped off and winer start for only 3 games. My thinking is that all of the above had at least two sets of finger prints on each. We do know Morris was to blame for in game decisions, and that is bound to improve from last season to next as time goes on.

Joey Galloway didn't just flex his Biceps after catching the ball, as this video shows, he ran one back for us too!

We were still convinced the Keyshawn for Galloway trade benefited Dallas more than us. Of course it wasnt really a fair way to compare it, by 2005 he became a 1,000 yard WR, first of 3 in a row.

Josh Bidwell gone as a Buccaneer, picked up by the Redskins. 

Im sure I'm not the only one a little confused by this, as Bidwell was a solid punter over the last few years. I hope this isn't the beginning of questionable personnel moves. In the Bucs defense, Bidwell is 35 now, with some injuries.

Pat Yasinskas and Pewter Report feel the Bucs will improve in 2010

It's still too early to predict the Bucs record with any kind of accuracy when we don't know who is coming in via the draft. Not that you will know then either, as draft picks are touch and go for years sometimes. But at least we will be able to guess better based on how the Bucs filled need positions. There will still be a stream of free agents coming in after that, some of which will have an impact on the season. Then We have the announcement of the 2010 schedule. Few people predicted the Bucs would come out of the gate with any wins when we saw the first 5 games dominated by the NFC East! Still, we have one of the weakest schedules in the league, were going into the season with a full offseason as Freeman in his role as QB, and the defense is not learning a new system anymore, just some of the new players! The return of Aaron Sears and an O line on the same page should help this prediction come true. What is considered improvement, that is the question. 

NOTE: As mentioned below by BW, NFL Owners voted to approve New OverTime rules.