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BUCSHOTS: Pool of Safeties gone, The UGGHHH Video of Punt Blocking, Sams Club and More...

"Pool" of safeties shrinks thanks to Jets!

Stephen Holder uses a nice play of words regarding Safety Brodney Pool and the NY Jets.

Not really sure if we were interested in a FA Safety or not. Tends to tell me that the Bucs have one in mind for the future in the draft. But which one?
What does a blocked punt sound like? 
Watch this video in HD and hear it for yourself!

Love this, you hear it over and over and over..., and I thought THUD was funny.

"It's Not Sam's Club" says Raheem Morris. True! Check out the Joe Henderson article...

Its not Costco Either. Most free agents these teams got were very pricy due to the simple but reliable laws of Supply and Demand. has their version of ESPN's hit show, and you can read the panel's opinions which are pretty interesting...

This site is like the Buccaneer's Bible for information; and there is good reading of opinions too. Nice take on the ESPN show around the horn, kinda. I like when they mute the guys towards the end!!