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BUCSHOTS: Kiper has McCoy to Bucs, AB a Bengal, Jeff Garcia Video & More

Lets hope they know what they're talking about: McCoy to Bucs in                                                                                       2010 draft! Photo courtesy of
Lets hope they know what they're talking about: McCoy to Bucs in 2010 draft! Photo courtesy of

ESPN's Todd and Mel make their picks in Mock 3.0, and Bradford going to Rams has McCoy landing in Bucs' lap.

How sweet this would be. One thing we can all agree on is the Bucs desperate need for a dominant defensive tackle. I'm sure we are all tired of hearing about " the next Warren Sapp".  McCoy can come in here and develop his own legacy, and we'll love every minute of watching it happen.

Antonio Bryant signs with Cincinnati for 28 Million dollars.

Will this turn out to be a case of "The one that got away"? Only time will tell. No one should be surprised if AB has a 1,000 yard season in Cincy. Even less if he complains that Ocho is getting all the balls thrown his way. With Palmer throwing there should be plenty to go around. This might be a situation where we never know what would have happened.'s Roy Cummings talks about how the Bucs are FAR from the only team staying away from this years FA crop.

My sentiments exactly: with no cap, players that would have been free agents this year because they finished their fourth season are NOT FA yet, they have to wait until their   6th season. Instead they are restricted free agents, meaning their teams can be compensated with draft picks. So not only are there less FA players, but to get one, you have to give up draft picks. Supply and Demand tells us these players are more expensive than in years past. While the FA market is low on available talent, the draft is stocked with more than normal amounts of help because agents have told Juniors this may be your last chance to get a big payday in the NFL before a rookie salary cap is created.

Representing the side that feels the Bucs are not doing enough in FA, is former Bucs QB Jeff Garcia, who is looking to get picked up as a backup. 

I understand the position, but it sounds like it is self motivated for Jeff. Two teams passed on him last year after being on their roster. His tools are not what they used to be: in 2008 Garcia had the worst redzone stats of all QBs.                                               

Speaking of Jeff Garciacheck out this Video of a nice TD run vs the Panthers in 2007.

Makes you wonder how far the Bucs would have gone in 2007 had Garcia not gotten hurt by a hit to the back on the first play of the Redskin game that year. Jeff wasn't really rusty, but once the Giants realized Galloway was a decoy, they shut down our running game. Would a healthier Garcia have meant a healthier Joey G?