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That was then....But what time was it???

A few months ago I posted a look into some of the differences between the pro football game from the 70's/80's to todays game, from a tech point of view. We talked about the score widget on all screens these days, and the down and distance marker is now a colorful piece of the stadium floor with CGI effects.

This little clip will show you why they didnt keep a clock on the screen of some of these old games; They didnt know what time it was!!

I kid you not, if the stadium was not one of the modern marvels, you might have been left out of the loop! Of course, in this case, they were simply having a problem with the stadium clock. How often do you hear that today? In the last 15 years? Back then, it was common place. 

This clip is from a Monday Night Football game with the Houston Oilers at the Pittsburgh Steelers. After Roy Gerela goes for a FG attempt and misses, listen closely to what Frank GIfford has to say about the time situation, both before, and after, the break!