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Random Offseason Caption Contest Vol. 1

Alright Bucs fans. It has been an interesting offseason thus far to say the least. Since it has been a slow week, I thought I would go ahead and do the first offseason caption contest. I came upon this photo of Raheem and K2 earlier today and knew right away it was Buc 'Em Caption Contest worthy. The same rules apply as the caption contests that we had all season. Try to come up with the funniest caption for the picture and write it in the comments section.

Please try to keep it clean, and by clean I mean not R rated. We'll let you slide with a PG-13 caption. If you have a question about whether or not your caption is acceptable or not, please feel free to email me by clicking the envelope next to my name at the bottom of the page. Any captions entered that violate the Buc'Em community guidelines will be deleted without warning. We want you to be funny, just not vulgar.

The caption contest is all about the voting! You can vote for the captions you find most humorous by clicking the "Rec" button under the comment. Please don't hesitate to "Rec" as many captions as you like. The top five most Rec'd captions will go on to a second round of voting in a poll format. The winner will receive the Bucs' game of his/her choice on DVD (kindly provided by Niko). There is no limit to how many captions you can enter so feel free to put up three or four.

Alright boys, let's see what you've got. Put down your unique and witty caption and be celebrated amongst the Buc 'Em community for the unrecognized comedic genius lurking within you.