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Bucshots- Eric Berry, Michael Spurlock Video, and More

Signed, Sealed, and he delivered; all in one week.
Signed, Sealed, and he delivered; all in one week.

Rick Stroud reports Tennessee Safety Eric Berry wants to be a Buc.

How does this matter? Well it could if the Bucs are left sitting at the No.3 spot with the Names Suh and McCoy taken off the board. If a safety isn't important, try to imagine the Bucs of 1997-2003 without John Lynch. He was a key piece of that  puzzle, and this Bucs defense is still looking for its heart and soul leader. It doesn't always have to be a Will linebacker, it could just as easily be a Safety. "They Say" 3 is too high to pick a safety; but arn't those just the kind of things that are made to be broken. You don't draft for position when your in the #3 spot, you take the best player available. At least we know if its Berry, he will enjoy being here.

Rams GM Devaney says he has not talked to the Bucs, or any other team for that matter, about trading the No.1 pick.

This could be  positioning. If the Bucs are not the team the Rams end up making a deal with, Devaney is going to want to leave the impression that no one has the upper hand. It could be hard for the Rams to make a deal with a team that thinks they are already behind the 8 ball on the deal. On the other hand, the whole rumor that there was contact could be nothing more than just that; here-say. 

One of the best moments of the 2009 season, was Michael Spurlock's punt return for a TD that tied the Saints in New Orleans and enabled us to win. Check out the HD video of that score here.

It is quite possible the Bucs may have moved down the field with offense and scored the tying touchdown, but with the few minutes left on the clock, it would have only been one chance and thats it. Instead we had a feel good story take place, as Spurlock was just signed during the week. The call by Gene Deckerhoff is great too, where he says before the play " Id like to say Run Michael Run again...." and basically did!

Martin Fennelly of the Tribune writes on how the Bucs really need to score in this 2010 Draft.

This is true in so many ways; The Dominik/Morris regime needs to rebound from a mistake laden 2009 where both Offensive and Defensive Coordinators were picked wrong, Clayton was resigned for big money and didn't pan out, and the entire offseason was devoted to a QB battle that only amounted to three weeks worth of playing time for either.

On top of that, the Bucs of 97-2002 were put together with a few good drafts, mostly the 1995 one in which Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp were both brought in; in the same round. Last year, the Bucs did fairly solid in that regard, but this 2010 draft is the deepest in two decades, and picking the right guys could mean the difference between building a dynasty, or building free agents for other teams in four years.

Bucs fans may remember Jerry Wunch, former offensive tackle from Wisconsin. Wunch spends his days part time writing for, and this is his excellent piece on how it takes 3-4 years for an O-line to really come together.

Jerry hailed from the same O-line factory as former Buc great Paul Gruber, and he knows his stuff. Really only Joeseph and Trueblood have any real consistency there, having started since the beginning of 2006. Sears came a year later but missed 2009. Faine has two years going on three, and with Sears back, this line could be on the verge of greatness if they can put some consistent time together. Look at any great team, and you will find a great Offensive line that has played together for some time.