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Donald Penn and Barrett Ruud given highest tenders from Bucs

Penn and Ruud receive highest tender offers.
Penn and Ruud receive highest tender offers.

"The  Bucs are basically admitting Donald Penn is one of the best tackles in the league" said Penn's agent Rocky Arceneaux. They just arn't going to pay him for it....yet.

Because Penn was given one of the highest tenders by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, meaning it will be almost impossible for another team to sign him as a restricted free agent, as the Bucs will have the first right of refusal, or can demand a combination of high draft picks if they choose to let him go.

Barrett Ruud is also in this catagory, and it is possible the Bucs, if they sign another middle linebacker, could be using this situation to receive compensation for Ruud when he may otherwise not be trade material. 

Cadillac Williams was also tendered at 110% of his 2009 salary should he choose to accept.